Why Did I Agree to Go in the First Place?

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Who Am I?

I had a bad reaction to Chantix.  I knew that was the problem.  So I asked to be taken to the E.R.  I had heard all the news stories of people killing themselves and hurting themselves after taking it.  I was entirely too committed to living and remaining a productive member of society to want to take that chance.

All I can say is, “Don’t ever go to Presbyterian Hospital in Denton and tell them you need help.”  Cuz they don’t give a shit.  And, once I threw a big enough fit that they took me back in there, they held me alone, and did not let me consult my boyfriend or my family doctor.  They just left me in there alone, for literally HOURS. They ran cat scans to rule out a brain tumor, etc.  They never gave me those reports… I had to ask for them.

Then the intake counselor for UBH Denton, “Ingrid,” came in and talked with me. She said I’d had some kind of episode… and with the help of a very competent physician who came along later, we figured out that it was sleep deprivation, plain and simple. IF someone had just knocked me out to sleep for about 24 hours, I’d have been fine.

Put it this way, I’ve never had such an episode since. EVER. Had never had one before, either. But it was classic symptoms of sleep deprivation.

They told me I needed to go inpatient. I was scared shitless! Of course I needed something, but I wasn’t even seen by a doctor. It was all physicians’ assistants and nurses. And this “intake counselor.”

Later on, after I got out, I saw how she evaluated me. She wrote up that I smelled. I SMELLED???? HELLO…. I took a shower that morning. My boyfriend will tell you I did not SMELL. They wrote me up to look as disheveled and undone as they could.

I was assured, again, that I was going in “voluntarily.” And as soon as the doors closed behind me, I felt a real knot grow in my stomach. Like maybe I wasn’t there on my own. And I found out three days later that I wasn’t.

The scary thing is that when I told the other patients I was leaving, they all told me, “No, you’re not.” I said “Yes I am. I came in here on my own.” They told me if I had good health insurance, the doctor would file an order of commitment against me. And sure enough, when I filled out the paperwork to leave, the nurse looked at me and said, “He’s going to commit you.” I said “Huh? But I didn’t DO anything! I didn’t try to hurt myself or anyone else. I just had some kind of episode. Why?” They just told me he would.

And sure enough, that’s what the guy did.

  1. Wendy says:

    Proud of you for telling your story. Hopefully it save other people from being taken advantage of by these people. xoxo

    • ubhdenton says:

      Thank you. It was really hard to do but now I’m glad it’s over with. I just wish they would have done the right thing from the start and apologized…. but nope, the doctor “stands by his diagnosis” (of the woman he thinks overdosed, who didn’t….) lol Oh well.

      • Madison Smith says:

        This isn’t lol oh well worthy. They almost tore apart my brother’s life for no reason and he is STILL in there. please please does anyone know any denton or dallas based lawyers who can help set up a class action lawsuit against this nightmarish place? The facility should be razed to the ground they are so bad.

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  3. mmcelhanon says:

    Just wondering, why wait more than two years after the event to post your experience?

    • ubhdenton says:

      I met with the hospital’s attorney over a year ago and was promised an answer and possibly a settlement offer. Not only did he never get back to me, he intentionally withheld portions of my medical records that I had to go to his managing partner to get. I gave them every chance to make a private apology. The lawsuit was filed this year just before the statute of limitations ran out at two years. During that two years they could have just said “We’re worry, we’ll correct your medical records for you” and I would have gone away. I had to sue, and then they threatened ME with legal action if I lost the suit. They would turn around and come after me for my legal fees.

      So, this is my only recourse, if you will.

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  5. bitemeubh says:

    I voluntarily went to UBH in March of 2010 for what I thought would be 24-72 hours to tweak my meds as I was very depressed. I had to fight to get out for 10 days!! I was placed on a list to be sent to Wichita Falls State Hospital, from which I was told by other patients “you never leave there”!! Very sad!! Only in it for the $$!! I don’t know how they sleep at night, these “so-called” Doctors.
    Karma is a bitch….

    • ubhdenton says:

      Have you contacted Byron Harris? I would do that. I seriously doubt he is done with this investigation. I would contact him.

      OH, and I’m sorry that happened to you.

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