Dr. Khan…. what do other people think of him?

Posted: September 19, 2010 in The People Involved

So who is the UBH Denton Medical Director?  Dr. Atique Khan, who I affectionally call “Dr. Con.”   Here is some information on how other patients view him.


There are several other sites that only have one rating on them, but those are also negative.  But this one… there are reputable doctors noted so if you need a psychiatrist in Denton, Texas, do NOT go to this guy!

  1. psych nurse says:

    The one thing I find a little disturbing about your website is the fact that it is totally one sided. You don’t mention, for instance, that UBH has several HIGHLY rated psychiatrists on staff. While it is obvious your experience was a poor one, what about the people (and there are more than a few) who have been helped by this facility? You continually reference the incompetence of staff that were there several years ago, what do you know about staff CURRENTLY working at UBH? I certainly won’t argue that mental health care in Tx in general leaves alot to be desired, and I encourage people to be educated consumers, but one (or even several) crappy experiences do not make a hospital that treats hundreds of people annually a horrible place….

    • WhoDat? says:

      Hi Psych Nurse, while I may not agree with you, I do respect and appreciate your comments. Yes, absolutely–my website is one-sided. I won’t apologize for that–just like I didn’t get an apology for the crappy treatment. I’ll be happy to consider taking it down if UBH Denton would like to visit about this matter and consider issuing me the apology I deserve. Please remember, I tried to talk to them. Civilly. I wrote a letter, went through their patient advocate, etc. I did not just start out with a website. And if it’s one-sided, it’s because there’s no evidence of anything positive for me to say otherwise.

      I am unaware of any of the doctors there being highly respected or rated. I talked with several friends in the psychiatric community there in town–counselors, psychiatrists, and nurses, including former nurses who had left there. I also talked with my lawyer who was aware of countless other atrocities committed at that place. I found more than enough evidence and had enough witnesses on my list for trial that I could prove the place was horrible. I’m sorry, it just was.

      But you do raise an interesting point, and it is that there might be some good people there. And on that note I would like to commend two female nurses who were in charge of handing out medication. They were really nice ladies, doing the best they could with the resources they had. The mental health techs were also very nice, polite and courteous. So I should say that as well, and give credit where credit is due.

    • morigainne says:

      Dear Psych Nurse,
      I am curious. Were you on staff during the time that the author of this website was literally “incarcerated” in the facility you now so staunchly defend?

      If so, can you shed any light on how such a situation as hers might have happened in the first place and why your facility is unwilling to even offer an apology?

      You say ‘but one (or even several) crappy experiences do not make a hospital that treats hundreds of people annually a horrible place….’

      To that I say perhaps, but I hardly think that the author is alone in his/her experience with UBH. “Highly Rated” doesn’t mean jack diddly when you are treated in a less-than-humane way.

  2. Cheryl Riggs says:

    I have been on both sides of this coin, a nurse in a psych setting and a mother of a psych patient and I can tell you so many horror stories on how patients and families are treated it would make your head spin. It has been such a nightmare trying to find competent, caring, respectful help for my son. People in this profession should KNOW mental illness is just that an illness just like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. But for some reason people and families with a mental illness diagnosis whether short term or long term are treated with very little respect and NO rights!!!! These people did not ask for this, they did nothing to cause this but yet they are treated worse than drug addicts or alcoholics. The system definately needs to be fixed and while there are some in the profession that are doing some good they are few. I dont know how others without a medical background get through to find appropriate help like I did. My guess is they dont. What a tragedy and disgrace to medicine and humanity. THESE ARE PEOPLE WHO WANT NORMALITY AND TO BE TREATED WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT. Kindness wouldnt hurt either, afterall we are human arent we?

  3. Beth Isbell says:

    I’d just like to point out to Psych Nurse that this is an editorial website which means that it’s entire purpose is to shed light on a particular incident, treatment of one person, and the behavior of the medical personnel who were involved in this ONE INCIDENT. I’ve lived in the Denton area for almost 30 years and I’ve known of many people who received poor treatment.

    People with mental health issues do deserve better treatment and it would serve patients well to be educated on facilities and physicians. However in times of crisis that is generally not the foremost thing in the patient’s mind or the family’s mind, they are desperately seeking help. Respect and dignity should be the basics received by EVERYONE who enters the doors at UBH.

    • WhoDat? says:

      Hello, and thank you. That is the real issue. No respect was shown to me when I got there, while I was there, or after I left. Even in spite of all the things they did wrong. There’s not a person in this world who wouldn’t be angry or upset if the same thing happened to them. It was humiliating and upsetting from the start. And, I haven’t even begun to touch on some of the other issues that I observed in there. I restricted my comments only to me and what happened directly to me.

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