NO Life Insurance or Health Insurance for Me

Posted: September 20, 2010 in After the Dust Settled

I went to get life insurance about a year ago.  I told the agent what I had been through.  He said the biggest problem is that I’d had a prescription for lithium filled at a pharmacy.  That would be the lithium that Dr. Khan prescribed for me (the girl who supposedly overdosed, but who did not overdose?)  See, because Dr. Khan and that sorry excuse for a hospital he runs would not just say “Okay…. if you’ll agree not to sue us, we’ll say we’re sorry and we’ll admit we made a mistake….” I am now uninsurable for life and health insurance.  I am lucky I have an employer who will give me insurance regardless of that, but as far as life insurance goes, I now pay triple the price I should pay for it because I am “high risk.”   Thanks, Dr. Khan.

  1. […] episode had serious knock-on effects later from a prescription issued to her by a hospital […]

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