Posted: November 29, 2010 in After the Dust Settled, Who Am I?

I have a friend who lives in a trailer, in a flood prone area. When the rains come and the water rises… do you know what critters come to the surface? Snakes. From her trailer porch she can see the snakes swimming to save their own lives.

When I know that’s happening, I go get her and her five kids and bring her to safety. But I can’t always be there. So sometimes she has to live with the realization that snakes might just come inside her house.

You might wonder, “What does this have to do with UBH Denton?” I’ll tell you what …. it’s a trapped feeling that most people never ever have to feel or experience. I know she feels it when the waters surround her house, and she sees the snakes swimming past her.

Have YOU ever been locked up against your will? Even though you hadn’t DONE anything WRONG, or otherwise deserved to be there? If you haven’t, you don’t know how it feels. And if you have, you know that it does something to you.

There’s a calm that comes over you that forces you to accept the circumstances you have. You have to mentally “check out” from reality on that one is all I’m saying. The time I sat in that place, wondering if I’d EVER get out, I had to just completely dissociate myself from reality. I was fairly sane before I took the damned Chantix, at least by medical standards. But I can see how being in one of these hospitals could certainly make a person lose touch with reality.

I kept thinking of making a run for it, but I knew I’d never get over the wall or the fence before the mental health techs tackled me.

Hell, the reason I went to rescue my friend is I didn’t want her to live with the possibility of snakes in her house.  But, I can honestly say that having been in UBH Denton, I’d much rather live in a flooding trailer.  At least I’d know if I just wanted out, I could go.

I used to think the worst thing that could happen to me was a flood or a snake infestation.  But, what kinds of snakes live in flood plains?  Garden snakes.  And who really gives a shit?  They’re creepy, but harmless.   On the other hand… the UBH Denton staff is, in my opinion, creepy and harmFUL.

UBH Denton did one thing to make me a better person, and that was to realize I could survive anything and be okay.    I guess I should thank them for toughening me up?   Thanks, assholes.

  1. patient says:

    I too had the most horrendous experience there yesterday but luckily was able to get out today after I demanded it! Yes it is the worst hospital I had ever been to. No one apologized aside a few staff. The other patients were appalled at the treatment I received or rather didn’t receive. Don’t go to this hospital! And the conditions were like a cheap motel 6 or worse.

    • ubhdenton says:

      I’m SO sorry you dealt with this armpit of a hospital. It’s DISGUSTING. Presbyterian hospital needs to be shut down for referring people over there. I am appalled they have stayed open this long.

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