Why Does UBH Denton Hold People Against their Will? Because it pays. Duh.

Posted: December 16, 2010 in After the Dust Settled, Letters and Documentation, Who Am I?

I have concluded that UBH Denton is a cruel joke.  But, what’s worse is that the hospital has been completely enabled in its cruelty by the laws of Texas.

As I understand it… if someone  in Texas THINKS they need some help with a mental health issue and then asks to go inpatient, voluntarily, they have the right once they are in to request release, and, they have the right to an answer to that request within four hours.  But my fellow inmates said “you’re not leaving” and I didn’t understand why.  And I soon learned that the answer to a request for discharge can be “no, we’re holding you for commitment.”

The sad part is … whether they ultimately go for the actual legal commitment of the person is irrelevant…they can hold you until a judge has time to hear the case.  And at any point in time, they can decide NOT to take it before the judge.  It  may take 24 to 48 hours… on a WEEKDAY, to even see a judge to tell him why you shouldn’t be allowed to leave.  <SENTENCES DELETED>

And, you better hope those 24 to 48 hours don’t start clocking late on a Wednesday…  the hospital then has like 48 or 72 hours to actually secure a commitment order from a judge.  Judges are not available on weekends, right?  So a patient who wants to go home can be “held for commitment” on Wednesday, then they can start the legal proceedings on Thursday… wait… the judge isn’t available?  Or wants time to review things?  Or there’s a holiday?  ZAP!  You’re there the entire weekend.

Ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching goes the hospital’s cash register.

Remember, insurance is paying for this, so 99% of people are going to not question any part of this decision.   And, most people who sign themselves into these places think they belong there.  And then there’s that 1%, like me, who think this sucks and want it challenged.

SO, here’s my conclusion…. wait, I hear my lawyer… he says… oh yes, I must say this….AND THIS IS JUST MY PERSONAL OPINION….<SENTENCES DELETED>  And, if they sue you, the charges will never hold up in court and they can’t collect on the bill.  I saw them do that to a women who was brought ininvoluntarily the same night I walked in on my own two feet.  She got to leave.  I didn’t.

A former nurse from their facility has told me that when they hold daily staff meetings, the discussion emphasizes the patient’s insurance benefits.   I really don’t understand why Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas keeps putting up with this.  They are the ones who paid for the stay.  They should be furious, but so should the taxpayers of Texas who paid for my benefits when I was a state employee.

I have NO idea what other insurance abuses occur in the Texas mental health system, in general, whether at UBH Denton or elsewhere, but what I do know is that the system in that state is seriously flawed and it errs completely against the patient in favor of the for-profit hospitals.


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