The Chantix Litigation Begins

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Letters and Documentation

Over 1,200 lawsuits filed, with another 1,000 expected.

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m just curious why you didn’t sue them. What would they be able to sue you for? I think you have a case and you should’ve sued them. Who the hell do think they are maybe if you’d sue them they’d think twice before doing it again. No one does anything to them so they keep treating people like that. I am very sorry for what you had to go through to think this day and age that hospitals are still like that.

    • WhoDat? says:

      Hi Michelle…. I did sue them. They denied doing anything wrong, then came back at me and said if I dropped the suit they wouldn’t sue ME for suing them. They were going to allege it was a frivolous lawsuit, I guess, and then come after me for their legal fees. If they had prevailed, I could have lost everything I owned. My lawyer said even if I won they would appeal and it’d take my life savings to go through with an appeal. And, if I lost, I’d have ot appeal, and it’d take my life savings to go through that appeal, too! So, I had to withdraw. But, I warned them early on that I would tell everyone what they did if they didn’t try to make this right and they laughed at me, and ignored me. SO, now I’m telling everyone! Thanks for your support… I hope they are happy now because they got what they wanted, which was for me to withdraw my lawsuit.

  2. Tammy G says:

    Have you filed a complaint with the state medical board against the DOCTOR (vs hospital) – since it is harder and more expensive to prove hospital wrong doing ? If you have, what was the response ?

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