Who am I….and what do I want?

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Who Am I?

I have a regular job, I own a home, I’m a good parent and a good friend to lots of people.  If you met me on the street I wouldn’t stand out as someone  who is particularly seeking attention or notoriety.  I’m an average gal, average size, average height, average looking, average age.

I led a pretty normal existence until I took Chantix.  It changed me in ways that made no sense to me or my family.   I wish we’d been properly warned about the possible side effects a lot sooner, but, we weren’t.  It is what it is.

But the FDA had a black box warning on the medication at least a month before I went to UBH Denton.  And that doctor (I use the term very loosely) had the nerve to tell me it couldn’t possibly be Chantix.   Everytime I think about his smug face talking to me like I was an idiot….  “YOu’re not participating in your treatment…”  “There are no studies to prove that Chantix causes this….”  “Yes, I’m sure you’re bipolar….”

I’m NOT bipolar, you arrogant little virus.  But your lawyer told me you “stand by your diagnosis” (even though you thought I was there for a failed suicide attempt… and that’s NOT why I was there!)

So …. good for you!  Nothing like making a problem worse by denying its existence, is there?  Dr. Khan, are YOU participating in the treatment that YOU need?  It would be good for your soul and your career if you apologized to me and to every other patient you’ve done this to, because I surely am not the first.  I just happened to be the first one who didn’t want to accept your diagnosis.  I walked out of that place so confused, and so absolutely baffled about my condition, that it was an utter relief to find out that you had me confused with another patient!  At least then there was a reason for the nonsense you put me through.

Now, when I went to see your  hospital‘s lawyer, it was under the assumption that we could arrange an apology.  And when he asked me what I wanted, I told him “An apology.”  He said, “That isn’t going to happen.”  So my next request was a settlement.  Hell, pay me something to feel a little better about what I went through.  Not only did he not return my calls, he kept just putting me off and would never say “Look lady, there’s not going to be anything done about this.”  He’d tell me I could expect to hear something in a couple of weeks, and then I didn’t.

So, you got sued.  I thought for sure you’d at least try to negotiate and discuss a reasonable outcome.  Nope.  Your lawyer just promised NOT to sue me for your legal fees.  And you guys knew you had more money than me, and you knew I’d have to back down.  SO, you won all rounds up until the point I built this blog.

But I’m okay with that.  I hope you are, too.  I mean, after all, you HAVE saved your pride.  You did get to preserve that “Never Admit You’re Anything but God Because you’re a Doctor” attitude.  Now that you’ve basked in your moment of glory… let me tell you what mine is.

Do you realize how many times a day someone searches online for UBH Denton, or Dr. Atique Khan, or Dr. Richard Kresch?  I just happen to know….an average of about 20 people do that every day and click through to my blog to read more about you.  I’ve had over 2,200 hits since I went live in September.  At least two of those people have contacted me to tell me they were mistreated by your hospital just as badly as I was.

Do you think this is doing any good for your hospital’s reputation?   When one Googles UBH Denton my site is the SECOND ONE in the Google Search results!   Does Dr. Kresch know about my blog?  Should I tell him?  Maybe I will.  Oh wait… he makes sure his e-mail address isn’t accessible on the www.ascendhealth.net site.  GO figure (I find it so hard to believe that he wouldn’t want to be available for people like me to share my experiences with him).

Sooner or later, someone is going to sue you in a way that sticks.  I really look forward to that day. Meanwhile, I’m going to feel good about what I’m doing, which is exposing your hospital for what it really is, and making sure that other people who get duped into signing themselves in to UBH Denton know they are not alone.

  1. Michael Schwarz says:


  2. lee gillies says:

    well they did steal mine, along with my job, and any feeling of security I had and now I am jobless, no insurance for the 3 different tranquillizers i need due to ubh docs diagnosing me with ptsd, bi polar level 1 and they said i am mhmr 37% best part of all the meds put me on zombie level and i wound up losing job with company that my boss and her boss personally agreed me going there would be a good idea only to get out after 10 days and my life be completely ripped out from under me and of course i am in battle with unemployment now so yeah they do a bang up job best part is on paper i appear crazy but ive been without any medication and dealing just fine with losing my job, home, transportation not to mention a job of 3years making almost 17.00 an hour so yeah i definitely wish i would not have made that choice

  3. WhoDat? says:

    Lee, I am so sorry for your plight. I recommend contacting an attorney in Denton. If you’d like a recommendation, please e-mail me.

  4. WhoDat? says:

    What the hell… the worst thing that can happen is the attorneys turn you down. THeir information is otherwise public…. my first choice would be Dennis Engler. AFter that, give Mike Whitten or Curtis Clinesmith a try.

    I’m SO SORRY you went through this! But please… don’t be afraid to keep speaking out. Until people find out what kinds of things are happening there, the problem won’t go away. Just think of how many people you may have saved just by sharing you story in brief here! Someone who was thinking of going there might change their mind as a result!

    I know that’s not the ideal consolation “prize,” but having been through my own UBH Denton nightmare, I had to try and use the experience for some good. I don’t want anyone else to experience what I did. And now, I don’t want them to experience what YOU did, either.

    Lee, please hang in and know that you have a friend here….

  5. WhoDat? says:

    By the way…. as of this afternoon, the number of people who have contacted me has DOUBLED. Yeah, it’s only 4 now instead of 2… but just imagine how many people haven’t found my blog? Or who are too embarrassed or hurt to come out and even acknowledge this happened to them?

  6. WhoDat? says:

    And we’re at 3,500 hits now….

  7. Lauri says:

    Please contact me with information on the support group that victims of UBH have formed. I need the support, I want to help expose the mistreatment that goes on there.

  8. SGT Uecker says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple months now, because I found it interesting. I have been a patient at UBH, although I was there much later than you were so maybe some things had changed by the time I got there. Dr. Kahn was not my assigned psychiatrist, but I dealt with him enough to know him. I was kept at UBH, Denton not for a week, not for a month, but for 6 months. I spent time on every unit of the hospital except the adolescent unit. I am active military and volunteered to check myself in right after returning from my second tour in Iraq in August 2009. I’d love for you to respond to me.

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