So what is the deal between UBH Denton and Presbyterian of Denton?

Posted: January 30, 2011 in After the Dust Settled
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Literally… EVERY DAY…. someone does a google search for “UBH denton” and finds my site. I know this because the blog stats tell me who does google searches and then clicks on to my site.

The other really popular search I get is “ubh denton reviews” So these folks are SHOPPING for a place to hang out and cure what ails them. I can appreciate that. I sure wish to hell I’d been able to do my homework before doing to the emergency room. I remember thinking when I went that someone would actually HELP me. They’d put me in a nice hospital bed and they’d FIX me. Not make me WORSE or create new problems!!! I confess that to this day I am still angry about that. I felt then, and still do feel, betrayed by the emergency room. They rubber stamped me into a psych ward, and, they did it based on a partnership with another for-profit entity.

Which leads me to ask… does Presbyterian of Denton get kickbacks or payoffs from UBH Denton for every patient referred there? I honestly don’t know the answer, but if I were walking into that e.r. knowing now what I knew then, that’d sure as hell be my first question.


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