The LATEST in Unsolicited Comments

Posted: February 16, 2011 in After the Dust Settled
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This comment was posted today, and I think it deserves front page coverage on the blog:

“Ditto. My naive 13 year old daughter was there for 2 days and we took her out. She was attending the North Point school next door and getting counceling from UBH. No supervision at the school from what I can gather. Some boy brought in some pot brownies and handed out. My daughter is naive and just ate it not knowing what was in it. We wound up in the ER with her last night. This place is a sham. You could walk in with a hang nail and they would suggest you be checked in and evaluated. They also love prescribing drugs, also. Wanted to put her on strong anti-depressants. STAY AWAY from this place. I am going to get a lawyer. They can threaten me all they want.”

I do NOT understand how they stay open!!!!!

  1. Rich says:

    Correction: was chocolate cupcake that is suspect.
    I started leaving messages yesterday at ~17:00 CST. Left messages this morning at ~09:00, 09:53,10:08 – no one answered the phone for North Point. They finally called my ex-wife at ~11:00 this morning.
    They had a “lockdown” yesterday and my daughter said they told them that “what happens in the hostpital stays in the hospital” and to not tell anyone about the lockdown.
    We are having a drug test done on her today to see if we can identify the substance. UBH claims they drug tested all of the kids and they all passed (maybe K2? – heard it does not show up). Not sure I bleieve them. Why did they wait so long to call us? You would think they would have wanted to nip this in the bud yesterday when I called. I understand them getting all of the “facts” but you would think a supervisor or someone in charge would have called to try and put the situation to rest and alleviate a parents fears. Where was their care for people during this time?

    • WhoDat? says:

      OH MY GOD…. they actually said that???? Your poor daughter! She’s been “UBH-atized” now. For follow-up therapy and care after this incident, I can recommend Dr. Dan Creson and Dr. Pat Blakeney at North Texas Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. They are very good people and are familiar with what happened to me there, so I’m sure they would not be surprised to hear from you.

      WTF is a lockdown???? In a VOLUNTARY therapy program, I presume?

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