An Open Letter to Dr. Kresch

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Letters and Documentation, The People Involved

Dear Dr. Kresch,

I hope you have seen the latest comment on my blog.  In case you haven’t, here it is:

Row this woman has posted her name for you to see, but I’m taking it off the website for her protection.   My suggestion to her when we spoke on the phone today  was to try to talk to you about her son.  To go in assuming you would do the right thing and to save the threat of going public with what your hospital has done as a last resort.  Just remember, she has a place right here where her story can be told, right down to the most painful of details.

<SENTENCE DELETED>   I had on my witness list for trial a former nurse <PHRASE DELETED>.  That was the subject of discussion, rather than what the patient needed or wanted.  I also had on my witness list the testimony of a woman named Lisa, who was admitted the same time I was, only she came in involuntarily with slit wrists.  Your hospital let her go as soon as she asked to leave, and the only difference in us was that she was a self-paying patient and I was insured.

What’s funny (and I don’t mean “hahahaha, I’m having trouble breathing because I’m laughing so hard” kind of funny) is that when I told my fellow patients I was leaving, they told me, “NO, you are not.  You have insurance.  They will hold you for commitment.”  I thought to myself these people had to be crazy to even suggest such a thing.  And that’s exactly what you did.

<SENTENCE DELETED>   You could still make a decent profit without doing this, couldn’t you?

Now the least that could happen is you could acknowledge the pain of this woman and what happened with her son.  You and your attorneys didn’t care about me enough to be fair, I hope you’ll do better by her.

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