Sadly, I am not the only person who has received ill and negligent treatment at UBH Denton. I have recently gotten to know a group of people who all share the common experience of having been at UBH Denton.  Their stays were so traumatic and so unnerving for them they have formed an external support group!!!!

They shared their personal letters with me, to and about UBH Denton.  If you have EVER considered setting foot in that hospital, or, putting someone you love in it…. you owe it to yourself to read these first.


You can also see my letter to the hospital if you want to:


  1. psych nurse says:

    I’m sorry, but this is extremely one-sided. While I am sure there are errors in treatment made at UBH (as at ANY facility), it’s really not fair to present an extremely slanted view of events from one perspective as the “truth”. Where is the opposing viewpoint? I, for one, make a judgement based on BOTH sides of an issue, not just one.

    • WhoDat? says:

      You know what else, Psych Nurse…. do you honestly believe that many people got together to form a conspiracy against UBH???? LOOK AT THOSE LETTERS. There are over 30 people who have assembled on an online external support group to share the common experience of what is emotional trauma brought about by a horrific stay at UBH Denton. Do you honestly believe that’s just “one-sided” playing around from people who have nothing better to do with their time???????

      Your IP address indicates you are in Portland. Do you work for Cedar Hills? Because someone from that address was poking around today for my friend JO’s contact info, and her son is in there. Interesting coincidence.

    • Rachel says:


      I am the one who wrote the long as hell letter…I see your point that it is one sided…

      But I would like to make THIS point:

      this website is not It was created BY someone with a bad experience…thus the onesidedness.

      I did not fabricate any part of my letter, nor did the attached letters on my letter. That all happened…it sucks there. I don’t recommend it to anyone and I will stand by my opinion until the day I die. indeed

  2. WhoDat? says:

    Okay Psych Nurse…. Does UBH Denton’s website tell both sides? Do their intake counselors warn patients of the mistakes that are made there? I think not.

    But, I do post your comments, whether UBH responds to me and these other patients or not. I am being as fair as I can. They don’t comment, and they don’t explain, and they don’t apologize. So they really aren’t giving me much to post.

    Until they do, this is MY website and I will post whatever I want, and that includes the stories that are sent to me. I had an invitation up on my home page for weeks that offered to publish ANY story, good or bad, about this facility. Funny… I didn’t hear any “good” ones.

  3. […] can see my most recent responses to psychnurse75′s posts about how one-sided my blog is. I don’t give a rat’s ass who thinks my blog is “one-sided.”  I’ll […]

  4. Pat says:

    If you need in-patient treatment, go to Red River Recovery Center in Wichita Falls. It’s owned by the same company that owns UBH, but is a whole lot better. I’ve been to both places. RRR is not a locked-down facility. You can go outside, smoke, and workout anytime you wish. The therapists and techs are excellent.

  5. Pat says:

    The only problem with RRR is that you have to attend AA meetings. AA is cult-like and had been determined, by several courts, to be religious in nature. Go to Stanton Peels addiction website and watch the videos.

    If I had to do it again and had good insurance, I would go to:

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