I am REALLY starting to get irritated

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Stories from Other People
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Here is an e-mail I just got from someone who was in UBH. I am deleting enough information about him/her so that the hospital will not readily know who it is, at least until I have their permission to share more:

“…. It was hell to be there. I reported overdose symptoms to the doctor assigned to me and he was nonresponsive. My whole life turned upside down. One month after release I still do not have release to work…”

The reality is this person is a medical professional who would know the signs of overdose.   I’m sure there’s more to the story that I’ll be able to share soon enough.

  1. Mad says:

    After my rape, when they they threw me out< the hospital I was taken to did blood work and said I was so drugged that my liver enzymes were in the 333 thats 300x the normal..I could not handle all the drugs they were pumping in me to keep me quite about what happen in Mayhill before they threw me out and kept the man who raped me James Brooks…

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