What would you think….

…If a psychiatric nurse with an IP address from, of all places, Portland Oregon, kept periodically posting comments on your blog about how much she thought it was one-sided?

…If the hospital you were complaining about in your blog was owned by a company that owned facilities in just a few places in the U.S…. mostly Texas, but also one in Utah, one in Arizona, and two in PORTLAND OREGON?????

…If that hospital was JUST FEATURED in a front page story in Portland’s newspaper?

I dunno… maybe it’s a coincidence that this woman’s tragic story appears in the paper…(did I mention she previously posted on my blog to tell her story, but her comments were deleted to protect her identity at the time) …  on the same day that psychnurse75@yahoo.com posts another one of her comments?

You can see my most recent responses to psychnurse75’s posts about how one-sided my blog is. I don’t give a rat’s ass who thinks my blog is “one-sided.”  I’ll tell you what “one-sided is.”  That’s having your doctor write on your hospital record “HOLD FOR COMMIT” when you entered the place voluntarily.  And, the other thing that’s really one-sided is him writing on your discharge papers, “admitted after attempted od” when nothing could be further from the truth.  But at least I post psychnurse’s comments for you to see, even if I think she’s an Ascend Health employee who is out to do their dirty work for them.   They never gave ME that voice.

So tonight, my loyal readers… I am on a mission.  That mission is to scan in my medical records and start sharing with you the hard cold evidence that backs up everything I have told you.  I’ll be back with you soon to post Dr. Atique Khan’s own handwriting, and I”ll couple it with my lab reports from the E.R.  for good measure to show you what a damned incompetent psychiatrist Dr. Atique Khan really is.   Meanwhile, I just checked out his most recent rating on Healthgrades and it looks like I’m not the only person who didn’t like him?

  1. WhoDat? says:

    Yeah, just finished scanning. I am entirely too tired and emotionally worn out to finish this project tonight, because I have to ultimately black out some key numbers on there (social security numbers, etc) before I plaster them all over the web. bottom line is while going through to see what pages I wanted to scan in to share, I had to relive every minute of the entire ordeal. And read the “fine print” of all their evaluations of me…..I swear, I find something new every single time I look that proves how incompetent they are.

    Like the part about how messed up my family was …. right down to what a stable family life i had… it’s quite amusing. No two people at UBH Denton can tell the same damned story the same way two days in a row. And by the way, when I show you Dr. Khan’s handwriting, you’re going to laugh. I asked for them to give me a transcript of it so I could understand what the hell the man wrote. They refused. Gee, I wonder why.

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