Lawsuit #2 is on its way

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

I got notice today from one of the many people who have contacted me about UBH Denton.  They indicated they are going forward with a lawsuit.  I’ve volunteered to be on their witness list.  Good times?  No, but maybe we’ll see some FAIR times coming.

  1. Michael Schwarz says:

    Good Luck!
    Keep us posted!~

    • Suzan Holten says:

      Please help me join this lawsuit! My 83 year old mother is at UBH Mayhill right now. She had a recent diagnosis of Alzhiemers and tried to take her life with sleeping pills. She was transferred there on April 29th “voluntary” I’m her only child, have cancer and don’t have the strength to fight this. Willing to give my story to anyone who can help. My family’s story is the same as others. I’m getting a medical power of attorney this Monday. I fear she will become very depressed if I cannot get her out of Mayhill Hospital!

      • Wisdom4U says:

        Hi. Unfortunately my lawsuit was withdrawn because of their bullying tactics. Texas courts do not favor the patient I’m afraid. If you need immediate assistance call a Denton attorney familiar with their tactics… That would be Dennis Engler or Michael Whitten. You might also give Curtis Clinesmith a call.

      • Wisdom4U says:

        Meanwhile, please tell her that she should not feel alone…. plenty of us have been through the “UBH Experience” and will be here for her to support her when she gets out.

  2. Suzan Holten says:

    My family is going through sheer hell with Dr. Gary Watts. My mother is perfectly lucid but can’t remember things. I have Cancer and this is making me sicker. My Dad is in ICU as od yesterday and is in very serious condition. I talked to Dr. Watts on the phone and gave him a piece of my mind. Now I’m certain this is all about his ego and my monther’s insurance.

  3. christy says:

    Looking to start a class action lawsuit on Mayhill Denton – willing to be in it for the long fight. Not afraid of intimidation tactics- its all part of the political game.I am a trained medical professional. Email or call me with contact info and statements.

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