More Jobs at UBH

Posted: April 6, 2011 in After the Dust Settled, The People Involved
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I was just sniffing around their website and I found this list of career opportunities they are hiring for:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I thought we were in a recession and that there were no jobs out there.  Yet this place ALWAYS has positions that need filling?   I went and checked out Mayhill hospital, and their job postings are here:

I don’t know… I’m just thinking it’s kind of strange that there are two hospitals in Denton, and one of them always has LOTS of job openings.    That means they are either growing larger and need more staff, or, they have a pretty high rate of staff turnover.  I’m betting on the latter.

  1. Lauri says:

    What a coincidence that they should have jobs open. I need one because the doctors I saw there will not give me a release to work… Thanks for continuing to fight these people!

  2. Ben says:

    Hello, my son recently received care at UBH and am utterly disgusted that its considered a “hospitable.” I am debating to open up a law suit because I have a valid case of Malpractice. My son arrived at UBH with two shattered knuckles and 2 broken fingers and they insured me that it would be taken care of. Well, my son told my horror stories over the phone about fights breaking out and abuse by the staff but I didn’t believe him. I even went to the extent of calling the staff members and asking what the deal is, and I was basically told that my sons an idiot and he just using every weapon in his arsenal. Well ten days later they suggested he goes to a place called “Sun down ranch” for up too 12months and I absolutely refused. I pulled my son out and he still had broken fingers and they were turning black and blue so I immediately took him to the ER. Insurance covered it but I find it insane that the staff blatantly lied to my face.

    To the owner of this site; please contact me via email

  3. A mother that cares says:

    I need help to file an official complaint against UBH. They overdosed my son 1 day, they contacted CPS and alleged allegations of abuse in my family that have since been found to ruled out – in other words it never happened, and they released medical information to CPS (doesnt that violate HIPPA laws?)

    How do I go about filing an official complaint. I am thinking about hiring an attorney

    • Wisdom4U says:

      Hi, I’M so sorry you have gone through this nightmare. Join the club and just know that you are not alone. If you will contact Dennis Engler at 940-383-0115, he can either help you or refer you to another attorney who can.

      Please keep in touch and let me know how you are.

  4. Wisdom4U says:

    Also, Mother that cares…. you should report them to The Joint Commission, which you can do at

    You should also look into contacting the Texas Department of Health & Human Services that licenses hospitals:

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