Well over 7,000 hits… in 4 months

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

SOMEBODY out there is reading this blog! EVERY single day, there are multiple people who find my site by searching for information about UBH…. the WordPress stats tell me how people find my site.

Here is a list of the search terms just from April 26:

ubhdenton.com/blog 3
ubh denton 2
how do i find out about complaints lodged against ubh of denton 2
ubh denton tx 1
ubh denton accreditation 1
ubh complaints 1

Now I’m sharing this with you not because it’s anything significant, by itself.  But almost EVERY SINGLE DAY, people find my site doing similar searches.  Ask yourself… what makes someone THAT interested in a hospital like this?   What is happening there that leads people to keep doing daily research on this hospital?  THere’s SOME reason my site has been hit over 7,000 times in 4 months.  The only question I have is why the Texas Department of Health, or whichever agency it is that licenses hospitals in Texas, isn’t putting this place in the spotlight.

  1. Amber says:

    I am so disappointed right now. I am searching for a job in the mental health field in the metroplex and was thrilled to discover UBH’s website and the many job opportunities. The website makes it look like a perfect place with such special programs. Then I couldn’t help but be suspicious when looking more closely at the job listings. Why are there so many jobs in every aspect of the hospital? I feared the worst and a google search has confirmed my fears. My heart breaks reading the stories of you and the others posting here. Mental health and families are my passion and I mourn the traumatic experiences of people that are supposed to be cared for in places like UBH.

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