Happy Mother’s Day

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Today I am reminded of three years ago. On Mother’s Day, I was still reeling from my stay at UBH. And the incorrect diagnosis of “bipolar disorder.” Little did I know my health was going to get a lot worse before it got better.

Today I have completed my first week of Weight Watcher’s, to finally get the weight off that came on when my thyroid decided to go haywire from the lithium. Yes, that cause and effect relationship has been confirmed by an endocrinologist. She indicated that lithium “wreaks havoc on the thyroid.”

Which leads me to wonder why in the hell any competent doctor would decide after less than 24 hours of treating a patient to put them on such strong, serious medication. Lithium is not something to be taken lightly, it’s literally a “heavy metal” and it has horrific side effects in people who are NOT bipolar. But everyone in that god-forsaken hospital was on it. Everyone was bipolar, except for my roommate who had tried to commit suicide and was there only for depression. I don’t know how she escaped the bipolar diagnosis, other than the fact she was being treated by a competent physician who was NOT affiliated with UBH.

Three years ago on this mother’s day I was so thankful for my freedom, and for simply being alive. I survived Chantix, and I survived UBH. Today, I’m a lot stronger for having gone through all that. I’ll get this weight off, and I’ll be a lot healthier for having done so.

  1. sarah says:

    Misdiagnosis is not an obsolete characteristic that only happens at UBH. It happens EVERYWHERE. I had a incorrect diagnosis of bipolar disorder at one point as well and was put on lithium…which I overdosed on with a suicide attempt. Also I was an Mier Clinic in Richardson about four years ago. Dr. Meyer misdiagnosed me and put me on Geodon and it gave me horrible hallucinations for years. The fact is doctors don’t know much about the brain and its mostly a trial and error procedure, like most other medical fields. I don’t think it’s fair to target UBH for this specifically.

    • Wisdom4U says:

      Sarah, good points you make. But I am “targeting” UBH because they do this to SO many people. And still… not sure if you read my whole story… they had me confused with another patient. That is inexcusable.

      I am sorry you have had such horrible experiences. That must have been awful. I hope you are doing well now.

  2. Suzan Holten says:

    Security is getting worse. very little stands in the way of the younger patients and the very elderly. I got my mother out today, thank God! There was this big guy who admitted to a long criminal history and anther fellow that kept staring at us the whole time. Not enough staff to ensure safety of my disabled mother and others in wheelchairs.

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