I got permission from the employee who sent this to me to share it with you.  Of course, like most folks affiliated with UBH, he/she does not want to be identified.  But, I think you will find this very interesting just the same….  (my comments are noted in red below each statement)

“The place was complete chaos. None of the patient’s wore arm bands, therefore I can easily see how patient’s could get mixed up.”  

I will say everyone wore armbands when I was there.  The doctors didn’t give a crap about who each person was, and no one ever looked at the arm bands except for the RNs who handed out medication.  I will say they were great ladies, every one of them.  

“…meeting were with the whole treatment team…the nurses, docs, and counselors, and of course the people in accounting.  ….  <SENTENCE DELETED>  If the patient actually belonged there and had real mental problems they would discharge them with a couple days to spare so that they could come back.”

Every health insurer in the state of Texas should be taking this dung heap of a hospital off their acceptable providers list.  Every taxpayer in Texas should be PISSED because the state health plan (Blue Cross Blue Shield) pays for people to go here, too.      

“There was a foster parent that would bring her “out-of-control” teenagers to the facility on a regular basis. Since they were foster kids, their insurance is paid for by the government.  These kids would stay for weeks.”

I have heard similar stories about military personnel who wanted off active duty so they would do things to get sent here.  <SENTENCE DELETED>  I don’t know how true that is, but, I’m sure if it’s not someone will let me know in good time.  But what does that tell you about how our country values the military who risk their lives for our freedom?  

“<SENTENCE DELETED>  I don’t know what the outcome was…”

Wow.  I remembered looking at the barrier between our wing and the more critical wing.  I heard some pretty loud scary noises coming from over there, and, I saw one of the RNs come in from there one day in tears, just hysterical about something that had happened.  (I’m amazed they didn’t offer her some klonopin.  Hell, maybe they did!)  I realized right away that there really wasn’t much separating the two areas and that it was probably not the safest place to be.  

In short, THIS Is what the state of mental health “care” is at UBH Denton.  Richard Kresch should be ashamed of himself for owning such a hospital, and, if he is any kind of doctor he will clean the place up.  He can’t say he hasn’t been informed about the things that go on there, can he?

  1. Madison says:

    I am so sorry you all had such a bad experience at UBH. But I was in out patient care through the Northpointe program, and I had a great experience! It seriously changed my life, but also it was outpatient. I went at 8 am and left around 3 pm. I am not sure what it is like over night. From what I saw it seemed nice, I received AMAZING therapy and now am going off to college in the fall! I do recommend the Northpointe program, I was not at a point where I would hurt myself or any one else. I have frequently described it to my friends and family as being like a day camp. We had group counseling in the am then we went to the gym, then lunch, game or activity therapy, then homework time. They took care of everything with my high school, including making sure my teachers sent me the correct work and they always helped with home work!

    I am not at all saying you are wrong, because I was only outpatient. But I am so very sorry that people have left UBH with negative feelings, If you are reading this and had a bad experience do NOT let this hold you back from receiving any more help! Find other places to get help, but please do get help because you don’t realize just bad you felt until you feel better! 🙂 Also if you are looking for somewhere to receive help don’t opt out of going somewhere because there are kind hearted people who will help you!

    • Wisdom4U says:

      Hi Madison, and thank you for writing. I am glad that you got the help you needed there. I know they have helped some people, I think where my real frustration lies is that when they mess up they don’t apologize, and, they keep messing up, according to the stories I have heard and the people who have contacted me. But yes, absolutely, anyone reading this who has issues or problems and needs help should NOT give up. Keep fighting until you find someone or some place that can help you get better. Just be careful where you get that help. Take care, Madison, and thank you again for sharing this with my readers.

  2. worried spouse says:

    Like you said someone will let you know in due time if you are wrong about what you heard of the military not using this hospital anymore. And I have to be the one now to tell you that you in fact are wrong. Due to the fact that my spouse is currently still in treatment there and certain problems have occurred i don’t want to say anything too specific right now that would possibly worsen the outcome for him. All i can say is the military is still using this facility and my spouse is being treated horribly there. I will write once my significant other is safely home with me and this has been settled.

    • ubhdenton says:

      Dear Worried Spouse — I am so sorry you are dealing with this. My best advice is to take him lots of reading materials, pens and paper, and don’t miss a visit if you can. I know when I was there visiting hours were the only bright spot of the day. Keep me posted, and if you need to reach me, you can write to ubhsucks@gmail.com

  3. Rubina says:

    I recently was an employee there, was on lite duty close to a year but continued workin, this supervisor was on me 24/7 and even went to HR and she did not help me with situation of being bullied at work, her solution was to put me with the supervisot thay was bullying me needless to say few weeks later they fired me because I was punching in 10 min before shift and because I went over my hrs by an hour, this facility in el paso is poorly run and very disorganised and techs do not get enough help when they are overloaded with pt’s, I had 26 pt’s at one time and never got any help, ubh is a disaster waiting to happen.

    • ubhdenton says:

      Hi, and thanks for writing. What you are saying is no surprise, and, as you note, it is still happening even almost four years after my time there. You would think that taking a public bashing like this blog would cause them to try to improve. All it has done is cause them to change their website up to hide the identity of all the doctors and staff members there. Those used to be on the website but are no more.

      Correspond with me privately at ubhsucks@gmail.com if you have more of your story to share that I can post on the site. Thanks again, and happy holidays!

  4. Rubina says:

    And as far as military unit goes, they need to have people trained, some techs do not do there job, how many pt’s need to suffer because they hire people with no experience!!

    • ubhdenton says:

      What is really telling is the turnover and how they can’t keep anyone for very long. When I was there they had mental health tech pics on the wall. Some of them were already gone and they appear to constantly post for that job. The scary thing was the techs and the RNs who dispensed medication were the only ones who seemed to know what the hell they were doing. It’s sad to know that the quality isn’t changing and that maybe some of the techs are not experienced or trained.

      The fish rots at the head. They need to clean that place out and put someone in there who knows what he/she is doing.

      • scared says:

        I can tell you all my rape was not reported, they refused to call the police then I was thrown out and the man who molested me was kept..and mine happened in the beginning of Aug. The only person who cared was the tech that took my report….I want justice for my life being turned upside down…..and I will get it I’m done playing games they broke laws and might as well have let me get raped again by throwing me out and keeping him…..I wonder if there security cameras are working yet……


  6. Pandrew says:

    I was at UBH in the Freedom Care program for PTSD, alcohol and depression, each one feeding the other. I gotta say, I thought it was a great program. Being with other Vets and being in a safe environment was great, while i was there I felt like we all really made progress and everyone’s Morale was upbeat. Of course no one enjoys treatment, reliving traumatic experiences and learning to mourn your friends who died too young is nothing pleasant. But its a process, and I believe that alot of the ppl who feel so mistreated may be letting the pain/unpleasantness of treatment over flowing. We got rec time and had a blast playing volleyball in the gym, and we even convinced the staff to let us take the radio in so we could jam out.
    I made significant progress and my life is immeasurably better. I am not yet where I want to be but, I am glad as hell that I am not where I was.
    Made some great friends and we all swore we would stay in contact and take a trip on our next R & R, but of course we did not. If you get sent here on Uncle Sam’s dime, appreciate it. Until you have really seen some of the bottom rung places that the VA runs (although they say its getting better) you should appreciate it. Just my 2 cents.

  7. wsager25 says:

    UBH El Paso Is Deplorable! I Am An Army Veteran And I Never Felt So Degraded And Violated In All My Life. Forced Drugging In Texas Is Totally Illegal With Psychotic Drugs. I Was Housed In PICU An Unbelievable Jail Like Unit. Worse…They Were Being Paid 2,000.00 Per Day By The VA! Forced To Sit In A Crowded Little TV Room All Day And The Orderlies And COPS/Security Controlled The Channels! The Showers Were Deplorable, The Room Heat/Air Units Never Worked. Illegals & Criminals From The County Jails Were Being Thrown In With Patients In PICU Creating Chaos And Volatile Situations! I Filed 10 Cases In Federal Court Against That Hospital Wrote Them Up And Filed Them Right From The Hospital. Nothing But A Bunch Of Quakes, Corruption And Money Laundering In My Opinion!

  8. Mark Anthony Capozzelli says:

    Does anyone know if this is the same dump as the one in el paso, if so does anyone know the CEO or email address of he or she. I need to go to the top!

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