Oh LOOK at UBH’s former Nurse In All Her Glory!

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Letters and Documentation, The People Involved

Wow, just imagine…. a former nurse at UBH Denton was fired from a hospital ….

“After Schierding left Correctional Medical Services, according to her Parkland job application, she worked briefly as a nursing administrator at two private psychiatric facilities in the Dallas area — five months at Millwood Hospital in Arlington, then seven months at University Behavioral Health in Denton.

“Federal regulators found serious problems during Schierding’s tenure at University Behavioral, some similar to issues that have since come to light at Parkland.”

  1. increasingly disgusted says:

    Please, this woman was employed at UBH YEARS ago, for a few months…..why not bash Parkland for employing her for years? Or Millwood? Your desperate attempt to make this about UBH has fallen w-a-a-a-y short.

    • Wisdom4U says:

      “Increasingly disgusted,” aka Psychnurse75@yahoo.com, it’s pretty clear you work for Ascend Health based on your ip address. If Ascend wants to have a REAL discussion with me about my blog and what they can do to get me to stop posting on it, have Richard Kresch contact me and we’ll chat. Otherwise, this is the last of your inane comments that I’ll be posting for public view.

  2. increasingly disgusted says:

    My comments are not “inane”, you simply do not agree with them. That is your choice, also your choice what you choose to publish on YOUR blog. Continue with the innuendo and half-truths if you want……it’s your own time you’re wasting, after all.

    • Wisdom4U says:

      My blog does not contain “half” truths and you know it. You just work for them and don’t like anyone pointing out what a craphole the facility is. Have YOU ever been there?

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