Sex Offenders at UBH? Now hear this!

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Stories from Other People
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Sex offenders?  In a behavioral health hospital?  I’d surely hope not.  But this was e-mailed to me by a former patient at UBH.  I cannot speak, really.  Both because I wasn’t there at the time this happened, and, because I’m utterly speechless:

“…we had several female individuals who were in a program strictly for recovery for sexual trauma. After 10 days of intense therapy, during wrap up group one of the gentleman held on the same wing admitted that he was a sex offender and had raped and molested his daughter and nieces for years. There were several females who were extremely disturbed by this admission and asked that either he, or they be moved to another wing.

“Their request was refused and these poor women were forced to resume their intensive sexual trauma therapy locked up with a pedophile living 10 feet away from them, eating with them at lunch, constantly watching them. Many of them broke down into extreme psychosis or left the hospital because of this. This was a very hard experience to watch. I wish they would have moved or discharged him. I watched too many tears shed over such a stupid stubborn decision to keep him on the ward. It was supposed to be a safe place for these women to heal, but instead they were trapped in fear of what brought them there in the first place.”

  1. increasingly disgusted says:

    Sorry, UBH does not even HAVE a “program strictly for the recovery from sexual trauma” as is evidenced by visiting their website. This story just doesn’t hold together under scrutiny, sorry.

    • Wisdom4U says:

      Whatever. You keep cheering them on and I will keep relaying stories from actual patients.

      • increasingly disgusted says:

        There is a difference between “cheering them on” and simply being impartial. I’ve never actually said anything positive about UBH or the treatment they provide.

    • Liza says:

      I beg to differ they had one in Feb of 2009. I was in attendance at UBH for 6 weeks until my private insurance ran out and I was deemed “cured” of my PTS!

      • ubhdenton says:

        Liza, I am so sorry that you went through this. What I don’t understand is how they are allowed to continue. Did someone molest or hurt you at this facility? If so, please report them to the regulatory bodies I’ve shown in the menus on my site. At least let the Texas Medical board know about it. Please write me at if you need to talk.

  2. Kate says:

    I was raped at UBH while I was medicated and unconscious. I’m only 17, and had been a virgin. Those bastards covered it up and told me it was a dream.

    • ubhdenton says:

      I’m so sorry about this. So truly and genuinely sorry. It breaks my heart and I have cried real tears for you this evening. I hope the lawyers representing them feel good about their clients as they come after me.

    • Jess says:

      Kate, stay strong I went threw a rape there to, I know of you and I pray you are able to overcome and live your life, a life filled with love and joy. Dawn has saved my life and made me feel safe threw this and Brenda has held my hand threw the hardest moments I still have bad nights and days I can’t get out of bed.. Keep fighting, I feel your pain and am suffering threw hell. I wont stop fighting till someone is held accountable and there doors are shut forever….If you ever need a friend Brenda knows how to reach me… Stay strong xoxo

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