Happy November, everyone!  It’s time to count our blessings.  And for once, I’m going to post about something positive that came out of my UBH experience.  Something that I am thankful for.

Have you ever felt so hopeless that you wondered if things would ever get better?  Maybe your job is getting you down or your spouse isn’t paying you enough attention or money is tight?  Well, we all get down about those things.  But I have a quick pick-me-up strategy I use to always–ALWAYS–effectively pull me out of my funk.  Want to know what it is?

….I remind myself that I could still be a patient at UBH Denton!  Yes, I know that sounds like a smart aleck thing to say, but it is what I do.  I’ve never been in a more miserable place or had such a rotten medical experience–anywhere.  The surroundings were just plain awful.  Broken furniture, a crappy tv, no activities except a few board games.  The beds were painful and uncomfortable.  The closets were stupid (Yes, that’s a petty thing, I know… but seriously, what good is a closet if you can’t have hangers and there are no shelves?)

Most of the food was abysmal, and even the stuff that was reasonably fresh was suspect after I saw the mouse running around on the food warmer counter.   The only redeeming quality about the place were a few really nice patients, and the non-physician staff members.  The mental health techs were really super sweet people and so were the registered nurses.  How they kept an upbeat disposition there was beyond me.  And, I see by their website http://www.ubhdenton.com/Careers.aspx that they still have oodles of job openings so I’m guessing turnover is still high?  Wow, what a surprise.

The most miserable time in my life, ever, were the years 2007-2008.  I am thankful every day that I am above the dirt line that I survived them and came out stronger.  I hope everyone who makes the mistake of going to UBH can come out okay, too.


  1. Noname says:

    As a former employee I must agree UBH is a bad environment, the turn around is unbelievable. One of the Very higher up’s just below the CEO began dating a MHT and they moved together to another hospital owned by Ascend in another state. Yet they let people who are dedicated to their profession go….they misdiagnose and it is about keeping patients as long as possible for the money. I have seen where it has made people worse then helping them. They treat their employees with no respect, I have witnessed the CEO cussing at employees and has no real concern for those that work there. I agree with what you are doing, just wish more people would see their true colors and ban this hospital!

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