A Frightened Wife Came to Me….

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Stories from Other People

I received this e-mail recently:

I just got home from admitting my husband and then visiting him during visitation. We went for an assessment Friday and then came home to discuss options. My husband decided to detox on his own and at 12:30 am he had a seizure. To say, I’m a little freaked out is an understatement. So I convinced him to check himself into UBH. We went in and checked him and I went to go get some more things for him and then went back for the visiting hour. When we checked him in the doctor – who diagnosed him via skype and had no compassion really thru me but I was told not to worry, she was just a weekend doctor. I guess that should have been my first clue.

I’m so scared that I have messed up! I went back for visiting hour and I guess I’m clueless and had no idea what to expect. Once we were escorted back I saw things that started to worry me but I chalked it up to my nerves and worry for my husband. We were told he would be in for 3-5 days for detox and when I finally saw my husband he was very anxiety ridden! He said the nurse told him it would be 7-10 days. When I asked another nurse she explained that he would need 2-3 days to detox and at least a day for them to observe and that all paients are different. I asked about the anxiety medication and she said they would call the dr if we wanted them to – I did but now that I’m gone, I’m not sure if anyone did. His pulse was dangerously high and no one seemed to care – I take that back he did say the nurse that was high and would be giving him something, that’s why I asked the nurse I saw and she said no, she didn’t show that. I’m am so freaked out now and came home sick that I’ve done the wrong thing in convincing my husband to admit himself. I want to throw up. I’m so mad at myself that I didn’t research earlier today when I was worried, what was I thinking?

Once you asked to be discharged, you mentioned they held you for commitment – did you have to go to court? THey mentioned that if you want to check out early that if you weren’t a danger to yourself or others they would hold you for 4 hours and if you were a danger that they wuld hold you up to 24 hours and something about court. I don’t know why at the time it sounds liket he patients best interest. After reading your story, I’m scared to death. You mentioned you publish good reviews- please tell me there are some good reviews.

Sadly, I had to tell her there are no good reviews.  I have never received one.  The only positive comments about the hospital have been posted by someone whose ip address is very close to another facility owned by UBH’s parent company.  Go figure.

So how did this turn out?  More about that later…..

  1. Michael Schwarz says:

    Yes please post more!

  2. ThatWasClose says:

    I was almost blindly led into checking myself into this place. Thank you.

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