God Bless the Music Director

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Stories from Other People
Frightened Wife writes and says (and my comments are in red):
How do you know when the detox is done? I’m so worried about him staying there. They gave him seroquel the last two evenings to help him sleep. I thought he was getting his Ambien.
My dear, Ambien is probably more expensive then Seroquel.  That’s my guess.  Also, keep in mind, you almost cannot be a patient at UBH unless they slap a bipolar diagnosis on you.  Seroquel is bipolar medication and mood stabilizer meds.  I’ve never heard of it being used to control alcohol withdrawal, but hey, I’m not a doctor.  I’m sure if there’s a doctor reading this s/he will comment.  
I looked up the seroquel online and needless to say, I have been up all night with my own anxiety attacks. It’s bipolar med and not for people with high blood pressure or diabetes. He has high blood pressure and diabetes runs in his family. It said the med could cause seizures, which is exactly what I’m trying to avoid and why I wanted him to go in for detox.
Now honestly, why doesn’t this surprise me?  Do you know I tried for days to get them to understand that I took several maintenance medications, and they just ignored me? Go figure.  
I’m a mess and have no idea what to do next so a referral would be great! I told him I would call psychiatrists now.
He just called and sounds so much more like himself since he’s taking control. The program director wants to talk to him and he still hasn’t seen the dr. But the “music director” explained the request for discharge to him and suggested he ask for the form. I kept saying did you really say music director. Is that another patient? He said no someone from UBH. Do they really have music directors?
God Bless the music director.  It’s a damned shame nobody else could or would explain this.  Been there two days and haven’t seen a doctor yet?  But the program director is making decisions about keeping you?  Was it Drunk Randy?  hahaha


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