The SHOCKING ENDING to Frightened Wife’s Ordeal

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Stories from Other People
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Monday morning I did lots of leg work–I got Frightened Wife a referral to a nurse practitioner who specialized in psychiatry and could help her husband with his medications, plus a referral to a therapist.  I also found out that it is the probate judge in Denton who will hear cases of involuntary commitment.  Her name is Judge Bonnie Robinson.  I gave Frightened Wife that name and told her if UBH even muttered one word about “commitment” that she should go see the judge right away, and let them know she was doing it.  I gave her the name of my attorney.  And then…. I waited to hear back from her.  My heart went out to her, and to her husband, who had no business being in that facility for as long as he was without seeing a doctor.  Oh, did I mention that he was contacted by a doctor on Skype at the beginning, just to consult with him to admit himself?  Then, there were no doctors to be found at the hospital, huh?

Monday afternoon, I received this note from Frightened Wife, after she had again called the program director trying to secure her husband’s release:

I am so happy! My husband just called before I could call the referral you gave me. He finally met with the doctor who said he understands what’s going on with my husband and that he doesn’t need to be there. That he would sign the paperwork to release him, not as, I can’t remember what he called it but I guess it shows he is being released by dr not against medical advice in case he ever needs to return – NOT THAT that will EVER happen!!! 
Now I don’t know who this doctor is/was, but perhaps–maybe–they finally have some decent practitioners there?  Or, maybe they didn’t want this story to end up on my website?  Or, maybe since they had received 5 days of inpatient treatment pay they wanted to get rid of him and just keep the money?
Frightened Wife, last we spoke, was not going to ask for the money back on the unused days of treatment.  I told her she should.  They did not provide those services, and, his own doctor released him.  That means he didn’t need to be there, and, that means they should refund the days he didn’t use.

Oh UBH–are you listening?  Following?  Reading?  You can score big points with me and my readers if you continue to do the right thing on this one.  Send her back her money.

Finally, I am pleased to finally tell some kind of story about this hospital that has a reasonably happy ending.  Man entered hospital, realized he made a mistake, wanted to leave, and doctor released him.  The End.

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