Dr. Con… Khan…. Whatever…..

Posted: February 7, 2012 in The People Involved


Lovely. Unless something has changed at UBH, this guy is still their Chief of Staff. The head dog. The big chieftain.

What a great example of medical competence he presents. I hope Richard Kresch is proud of who is heading up his hospital.

  1. Liza says:

    Just wonder? Is Dr. “Moo” still associated with UBH? He was a HUGE PUSHER of Klonopin and Geodon! I came in suffering from PTS and Insomnia and he put me on both after talking with me 5 minutes! I was not nor had I ever been on any type of med stronger than asprin! By the time I was released all my bodily functions were shutting down & I had to be rushed to the real hospital!

    • ubhdenton says:

      Liza I do not know. I know Dr. Con/Khan loved Klonopin, but, hell, everyone in that place was on it. I knew I was in the wrong place the moment every person in the damned place kept offering me Klonopin if I showed ANY emotion. “Do you want some klonopin?” “Do you need some more klonopin?”

      What my brain was thinking in its klonopin-induced state was “Uh… no, I need to get the f&*( out of this rat-infested hospital. That’s really what will help me.”

      But, I couldn’t utter that sentence. Becuzzzzz ….? I’d had TOO MUCH KLONOPIN.

      The Texas Medical Board should take away Khan’s and Moo’s licenses to practice medicine. They are total quacks who have no business providing medical care to anyone. And, anyone who entrusts their loved ones to these men should have THEIR heads examined.

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