I received the following story in my e-mail today (2/15/2012) and have referred the party on to a reputable attorney who is NOT afraid of UBH Denton.   I am sharing the story in its entirety, unedited, and I hope that you will be as outraged as I am.

But, before I share the story, let me tell you that the last time I spoke with this person, she was having trouble getting UBH to release her medical records.  Wow.  Go figure….

“I was unwillingly locked in this facility after a UBH employee who was working at Baylor Grapevine hospital claimed that I was mentally ill. I willingly went to Baylor Grapevine at the direction of my personal doctor after sustaining a fall and hitting my head. I had a friend take me to Baylor Grapevine ER in order to get a head CT to rule out concussion or serious brain injury.

“Before I knew what happened the UBH rep. told me I could not leave Baylor Grapevine. She threatened to call the police if I did not sign a form that committed me to UBH. After sustaining a head injury and seeking diagnostic tests to rule out major head trauma at the advice of my personal doctor — which is already stressful and somewhat confusing — I was coerced into thinking I HAD NO CHOICE. They did not even allow me to leave the hospital to retrieve any belongings. They forced me to ride in an ambulance from Baylor Grapevine to UBH. Once at UBH, I was also coerced into signing their paperwork. I know NOW that most of what I was being told about my ability to choose was false. Employees of UBH pressured me, gave me the run-around when I asked them to clarify my rights, and — in some cases — completely lied to me.

“The only people I got a straight answer from was the other patients. Everyone kept asking me why I was there because it was obvious that I did not need to be there. Luckily, a couple of the other patients informed me of my actual rights. They told me about the AMA process (against medical advice) and encouraged me to exercise my legal rights. Once I asked to sign a release form so I could go home because I didn’t want or need to be there, all doctors and other staff continuously pressured me to withdrawal my petition from the court. They tried to intimidate and frighten me into believing that going to court would result in me having to stay for up to 90 days! I’m so thankful to the patients there who knew it was all bullshit and encouraged me to ignore the threats from the staff. When I went to court, the case was completely dismissed without me even having to see a judge. Even the people who transported me to the courthouse said: “Why are you there? We thought we had picked up the wrong patient once we saw and spoke with you.”

“<SENTENCE DELETED>  There was no legal reason for me to be there — as evidenced by the complete dismissal of my case.

“I was also put in the military wing with a roommate who was violent. So I was in the “worst” part of the place my 1st night. Luckily I was moved the 2nd night and didn’t have to spend a third.

“Since my family lives in Missouri and I was unable to contact them because they took all of my belongings including my phone (which contains all of my contacts), I believe they took advantage of me. I had noone except friends to come to my rescue and — since they were “just friends” — were dismissed by the UBH staff.”

Now I ask, what is it going to take to get this hospital either cleaned up or shut down???    This should not be happening four years after it happened to me!

For the next part of this story, click here.


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