I’d Storm the Gates…Wouldn’t You?

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Stories from Other People

This ridiculous hospital is holding a 12 year old boy AGAINST the parents’ advice.  The child was admitted voluntarily by the parents.  He had not tried to harm himself or anyone else.  The parents were just concerned for his safety.  When there was no bed available at Children’s Hospital, they were referred to UBH Denton.  These concerned parents thought they were doing their child a favor.

During their visiting hours the <PHRASE DELETED> hovered around them, listening to private conversations, with one gentleman staring them down frequently).

Last night, after being told that they could take their son out voluntarily, the administrator, Merina, insisted on calling the child’s doctor first.  The doctor the boy had seen for all of five minutes.  The doctor who had asked him three questions (1.  What medicine are you on?  2.  How does it make you feel?  3.  How do you feel today?)  That doctor insisted on a 24 hour hold.  At that point, the parents had no options.  Even after going in with police, they were not allowed to take their child.

How would YOU feel, as a parent?  As a parent myself, I know how livid I would be.

Oh, and apparently *my* name came up in all this.  Which is fine.  Sounds like they know me.  Good.  Now listen up, UBH Denton, and listen good.






STOP DOING THIS to innocent well-meaning people.

  1. Shoniqua says:

    It sounds unbelievable — unless you’ve had a similar experience with this fraud of a business.
    UBH is committing insurance fraud. Period. They are holding adults against their will AND children against the will of their parents because it pays.

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