The conclusion to a mother’s ordeal… at least for now…..

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Stories from Other People
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Today so far has been the busiest day this site has ever had.  We have almost 100 shares on Facebook just for the cover post about our new friend’s story, and, we’ve had over 300 hits on the site today.  That’s a record.  I am pleased and happy to report that our new friend has her 12 year old back at home tonight, and, they are thrilled to be with him.  He is happy to be home.  I’m giving him a very special high five here… that poor boy has earned it.  .

Meanwhile, the last person I posted about, the gal who had a head injury and was sent there?  The last i heard from her, they wouldn’t give her copies of her medical records.  I am waiting to hear from her about the update on that.  Hopefully by now they have released her records to her.  The 12-year old’s mom was advised to procure copies of his medical records when she picked him up today.  Coincidentally, UBH Denton has a new medical records policy:  they only release records on Tuesdays.  And, they cannot guarantee her copies of his complete medical record by tomorrow (which is a Tuesday).

Then, they informed her that because they are a hospital, they have up to 30 days to release his records to her.  I wonder if this new waiting period was instituted because of my lawsuit against them?  Because I remember the day I went to get my records–they gave them to me right away.  It was a weekday, and during normal business hours.  But today?  No, sorry, no records.

I’m not sure how that works, but honestly I see no reason why a hospital should need more than 24 hours to provide you with the then-current file.  If there are computers and records, the computers can be used to provide the records with a simple push of some buttons.  COULD IT BE that UBH is still keeping records on paper, by hand?  So that means they can always delete a page or change it or correct it?!?  WOW.  Unbelievable in this day and age that such a thing would even be possible.  I really don’t know the answer, I just know that when I was there, in 2008, that’s how they kept records.

And, miraculously, when I picked up my records?  There were tons of people and names and entries that I never saw, heard about, or had any knowledge of.  I suspect this family will end up finding the same thing.

It’s just plain sad that something as necessary and beneficial as a mental health treatment plan should be so convoluted and so dysfunctional.


  1. Shoniqua says:

    I am the one who was sent there after sustaining a head injury (fell from a ladder in my home).

    I was told the same thing about Tuesday’s being the only day they process medical records. After numerous phone calls to them when I didn’t receive my records after 10 days, I received a voicemail message stating that they had 30 days to complete the record. What? What, exactly, are they completing? I haven’t been there since 02/13/2012.

    They said I could pick up an incomplete record before then if I wanted — for $94.xx (exact change or a money order). What? I specified on the request form that I wanted them to mail my records to me. Walking into that place still frightens me. And what’s the deal with the exact change or money order? They had no problem asking me for a check to cover the outrageous bill they had charged me for locking me up against my will for almost 3 days.

  2. ubhdenton says:

    It’s a huge huge racket, and, my guess is they are hiding something. Even if they aren’t, they act like it.

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