A Letter to Herschel Walker

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Letters and Documentation
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We have just contacted a booking agency that represents Herschel Walker, who serves as a spokesman for Ascend Health.  This is the letter sent:


Dear Mr. Walker,
As much as I admire your commitment to giving a voice to mental health issues (I am a strong supporter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness), I do think you should be aware that you are endorsing a company – Ascend Health — that does some pretty questionable things to patients who go there voluntarily in need of help.
I think you can get all the information you need from my website, www.ubhdentonsucks.com Please, if nothing else, read the most recent stories about the parents who voluntarily admitted their 12 year old son and were then denied the right to have him discharged for two nights. You can see their story (and parts of it) here. I can put you in touch with the parents if you would like to speak to them yourself.
Thank you,
“Angry Patient”  

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