Dr. Khan issues a “press release”

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Uncategorized


This is SUCH a bad joke.  It’s a corporate press release designed to make the hospital look good.  And, having been a patient of Dr. Khan’s, let me say that the five minutes  a day he spent with me did not qualify him to assess anyone’s condition, regardless of what it is.

  1. Shoniqua says:

    Umm…yes, I guess I was “officially” a patient of Mr. Khan’s.

    I refuse to call him a doctor.

    He outright refused to call my personal doctor (after I asked him to do so) — who was with the practice I had been with for 7 years. He told me “It’s not her decision anymore. You are in my hands now.” How could this person — who spoke to me for 15 minutes — make ANY decisions about me that could possibly be better than what my doctor’s office of 7 years could make? He made decisions to keep me locked up at UBH based on less than a 15 minute consultation with me — most of which he attempted to scare me into rescinding the legal document I had signed earlier. This man is a quack — not a doctor. He cares only about money.

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