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Posted: March 8, 2012 in Uncategorized


Yeah, we’ve also got a YouTube channel now.  Anyone out there who enjoys amateur film production and would love to shoot some commercial spoofs should e-mail us at so that we can maybe work out some compensation or trade web development or something else.  We just think video would be the perfect medium to really nail these people.  

Open Casting Calls:  

Method actor needed to play short Pakistani dude with little man’s syndrome.  Must have sunken creepy axe-murderer eyes and ability to fake a medical degree and chief medical director credentials.

Incompetent CEO Lead Female–Looks not important, since no one ever sees you anyway.

Bitchy Nurse Supervisor Role:  must use a cane, answer to the name “Sue,” and be a complete hateful disrespectful unfeeling bitch.  Everything else is negotiable.  



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