Part 2 of a Really Bad Trip to UBH

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Letters and Documentation, Stories from Other People

I want you to know as I sit here writing this that I am writing as objectively as one possibly could. I have never heard of UBH Hospital before, have never met any of these people before in my life. In my mind, they were here to help my son. And I wanted to help them help my son feel better.

My impression and expectations were, as any parent might feel, that he was going to receive intensive therapy. You would think that a 24/7 “hospital” would have a doctor, even if only one doctor, on the premesis at all times. I try to think to myself, how many people were checked into UBH at the time? Let’s make an educated guess together. According to what I have been told by staff, they have what is called a “latency” wing, for children 12 and under (my son). They have a wing for older juveniles. They have a wing for the military. They have a wing for adults.

Would that make four wings full of people sharing rooms? Wouldn’t you think a “hospital” would have just one doctor on staff at all times? Wouldn’t it be nice that a hospital might have a doctor for each wing? The only time I was allowed back in the actual residential wing where the rooms were, my mouth opened as I soaked it all in. This was when we were finally able to take him home.  The wings are HUGE. The closest thing it reminded me of was when I gave birth, It is set up just that way, with the big doors and lever handles that swing up. There is a large nurses station in the corner. I asked the female employee taking us back, “Is this the latency wing?” She shrugged and said, “This is the girls wing.” EVERY LEVER HANDLE HAD A LOCK. EVERY room could be locked from the outside. There was a small day area with little tables and I think a television, in clear view of the nurse station. It was directly in front of it. I asked my son, “Where was your room?”

He pointed and I looked past the nurses station to an entirely different wing, just as long.

But I digress. Let me get back to the point at which we arrived, and we will return to the discharge experience later (be warned…as a parent, everything here is an experience. You will never forget it, it left us physically vomiting from the stress and I can barely function as I process what we went through…and I was not even a patient.)

When the ambulance arrived, The crew from Children’s Hospital of Dallas jumped out to warmly greet me. They couldn’t stop talking about what a “sweet” boy my son was, how he had expressed hunger and, as the ambulance passed different restaurants, would make jokes about wanting them to pull in and all of us go in to eat there. They remarked about his sense of humor and how he had them rolling with laughter the whole way there. That was my son, all right. I think he finally felt he was going to get some help and maybe it would help him and somehow give him some coping strategies for his self-esteem and the situation of feeling bullied.

We entered the building together. From the lobby area, it looks very nice. Nothing fancy, but clean and attractive. We were immediately led into a locked intake area by a gentleman who works the front desk. I do want you to know that this was the nicest person I had met at this facility. He was, throughout our ordeal, a seemingly compassionate and caring person who never really spoke to us at length but was kind and considerate. I will always be grateful for him.

I have to continue the story tomorrow. It will contain documents to prove exactly what I am saying, and I will be able to finish the entire story with facts to back my words. Right now, I have to take my son back to children’s Medical Center so that he can actually receive therapy and help.

UPDATE: He is now in inpatient care at Children’s Hospital after being assessed by a physician, psychologist, med student and social worker. His school system is now keenly aware of our experience and will note it when faced with parents who are going through the same thing as I am. The entire ER staff of Children’s Hospital, as well as the 3rd year med student and our social worker, have been completely clued in on our experience. I wonder where he goes to college. You can bet they will get a mouthful about UBH from his experience with my son today.

I told them that they had backed me into a corner, and they didn’t listen to my warnings of what I would do should they continue to hold him against our will and his will <PHRASE DELETED>

When a high-level employee at children’s told me tonight, “Aren’t you going to file a complaint?” I felt vindicated.

Thanks, UBH, for not listening to our pleas, our tears, and our reasonable requests that were thoughtfully asked with the knowledge of our patient rights… Can you hear me now?

To read more about this incident, please visit these links:

  1. Leighton Klein says:

    I was just released from. UBH two days ago……nothing but lies told to go voluntarily in by Denton Regional….
    the like was like a line from Groucho Marx flick….”I went to Regional for my back..ended up in the PshyQuactory hospital… joke..
    Everything you have stated was same for me…”Processing” is done on 2nd floor..
    In front of all..a highly disturbed patient blew in front of me….besides that I observed outright violations of …human rights….Hippa Law…state and Federal..
    Most of boot…Constitutional Rights..
    Up until 4 days before my release I was on nothing but blood pressure medicine….then came with paper to siggn to take Sere quell..drug of choice now. Patients across the board were given 800 mils…i was offered 25..they routinely check back in…Most ghastly …heinous of all were the ECT..yes…shock “therapy”…voluntary nd lining up willingly..I want still to throw up…i was treated wonderfully by tecks ..nurses etc…which leaves me puzzled as to why they stay…oh there is more…will save it…
    also ..Denton Regional..parent Company…i intend to proceed in procuring attorneys..a large group…
    If you have any suggestions…please…do…
    Sincerely and Radically…
    Leighton Klein.

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