Posted: March 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

A new e-mail arrived in my mailbox at about 3:00 this morning.  I was so shocked by what it said that I couldn’t sleep for another hour.  Something really really bad has happened in this facility over the last week.  This is much worse than anything I’ve shared with my readers this week, and if UBH is watching this post, they know exactly what I’m referring to.

Since the police are involved now, I’m going to withhold revealing what happened until I find out what they are going to do about the situation.  Let’s just say if they don’t arrest someone, I will be sharing all the sordid details here, and giving the injured person and their parents a voice.

WHY this doesn’t seem to ever change or get any better is beyond me.  And it baffles me… do the people on Ascend’s leadership team realize what’s going on there?  Or are Susan Young and Dr. Khan doing a good enough job covering up the incompetence and the alleged (that’s my lawyer talking) physical abuse that goes on?  I really don’t know, and I guess at this point it doesn’t matter–it simply cannot be excused anymore.

  1. Momonamission says:

    It is all TOO MUCH. This is making me physically ill on a daily basis. PLEASE, if you are reading these posts and know something, or have an experience of your own, PLEASE, for the sake of so many who have been abused and mistreated, come forward. You will remain anonymous. Just share your experiences privately. Just get it out. You are providing a service which will spare others from years of pain and a lifetime of memories. Shine your light and add it to ours. The light is getting brighter and brighter. Don’t keep it in the dark. You are not alone.

    • ubhdenton says:

      That’s right. In just a short time so many people have come forward and while it’s miserable to know that it has happened to so many people, there is a certain comfort in being able to talk to someone who has been there, done that.

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