How would you like it if….

1.  Your loved one was in UBH and asked to leave there by filling out the appropriate paperwork.  After that, they were denied one or more meals?

2.  You called the “patient advocate” at UBH and asked questions, and, he told you that you should call back at a certain time for answers.  And, after four calls and messages left for him, plus several hours, you still don’t have your answers?

3.  Your family member… or you… were told by UBH that if you didn’t cooperate, they would transfer you to Wichita Falls, TX, to the state mental institution?

4.  Your spouse was given doses of the same medication that they overdosed on in the first place, thus requiring admission to UBH?

These are just some of the things that happen at this hospital.  Some.   There is strength in numbers, folks, and it is time to stop putting up with this.    Please share this site with everyone you know who works in the medical field in the North Texas area so that everyone may be warned.

  1. john says:

    These are the exact same issues we had at Mayhill. After calling the patient advocate several times(over 7) in 4 hours and never getting an answer had no idea what was going on. I left messages for the charge nurse and no replies. I even went as far as leaving messages for the director, since his name and information was included in our patient packet. These 2 places, UBH and Mayhill Hospital, are owned and operated the exact same way and by the same people. When we were told we were being discharged and told to report to UBH, we fortunatley decided not to go. This would have put us in a vicious cycle, being discharged by one, to only be admitted by another and not having any choices in the admission. Once you show up to either of these places seeking treatment, you will be immediately misdiagnosed and ordered treatment in one of the hospitals. Either “voluntary” or “involuntary”, you can not leave. These so-called doctors are the worst I have ever seen. I work in a hospital and know many successful and specialized doctors. They range from pediatric cardiovascular surgeon, neurosurgeon, and neonatal practitioners, they perform life saving surgeries daily and do not live the lifestyle as this psychiatrist does. I can not believe the “quack” that met with my patient for maybe at the most 4 minutes a day, has a ranch worth millions, according to the tax records(public information). Now you see the reason why you can not be discharged from UBH or Mayhill Hospital until the coverage your insurance provides is met. It is “guaranteed” money for the hospital and “quacks” that run them. While the highly trained and respected doctors I mentioned above are in life sustaining surgeries for hours on a daily basis, improving the patients quality of life, giving hope to patients and familes, not taking the life away from the families and patients like the “doctors” at UBH and Mayhill Hospital.

    • ubhdenton says:

      John, I know what you are saying. It’s disgusting that they get to bill what they do for spending 5 minutes a day with patients.

      There are some highly reputable and wonderful psychiatrists in Denton. They don’t work for UBH or Mayhill, though.

  2. Shoniqua says:

    “patient advocate”…is a lie.

    They are NOT advocating on behalf of the patient.

    I started asking anyone who claimed to be an “advocate”: “Who pays you?”

    Their answer will tell you who they REALLY represent.

    Everyone I spoke with at UBH was paid by UBH — even the so-called “patient advocates”. So they will do all they can to support UBH. The patient is just another number and more profit for the company,

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