Legends Academy: Another Scandal in the Making

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Legends Academy, The People Involved

A mother whose 15 year old was admitted to UBH a couple of weeks ago told me that someone at UBH threatened to take her to court if she did not enroll her child at Legends Academy.  That made me suspicious.  So I decided to see what the relationship is between Legends Academy and UBH Denton and its parent company, Ascend Health.  And guess what?  They’re basically being controlled by the same people.

Legends Academy is a charter school in Texas, conveniently located near UBH.  According to the Texas Secretary of State, it assumed the name Legends Academy in 2008, and was previously known as NorthPointe Academy.

According to the IRS (see the picture to the left), NorthPointe is a public charity.  A tax-exempt charity.  That means it pays NO INCOME TAXES.

And, according to UBH’s own website:

“To allow young patients to continue their education without interruption, we have partnered with Legends Academy, a certified Texas Charter School. Students attend school at Legends Academy and receive full academic credits as well as therapeutic groups. For more information on Legends Academy, please visit www.thelegendsacademy.org.”

A “partnership???”  Not really.  Look at who is on the board of directors of this charity:

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Richard Kresch, President & CEO of Ascend Health

Neal Cury, Chief Operating Officer of Ascend Health.

Cathi Ledet, Vice President of Financial Operations of Ascend Health,

That is not a partnership–that is three out of eight board of director slots controlled by the for-profit hospital!

Also, as a charter school, Legends gets funding from the State of Texas based on enrollment.  So, every time the hospital can strong arm a parent into enrolling their child at Legends?  They get funding for the school.   What a RACKET.

As a U.S. taxpayer I am OUTRAGED that this is considered a “non-profit” entity when it is in “partnership” with a for-profit hospital, yet both entities are under the direction of the same people!   Maybe this is legal, but in my mind it’s unethical.  And, I have a feeling I’m only scratching the surface.

  1. Shoniqua says:

    It’s all about the money. There is no question in my mind. You know why it seems/feels unethical to you? Because it is. Thank you for sharing the names of those board members. I’m certain it will come in handy. After much consideration, I have decided to inform my insurance company about UBH. Apparently, my insurance company is questioning the claim/bill from UBH — according to a letter I received from Leah Stephenson — “Patient Account Rep” — 940-320-8100.

    When I went back to UBH to get my belongings (worth $300+) that a friend of mine brought to them on 02/11/2012 and I never received AND they claimed (at first) they didn’t have — I asked to speak to someone regarding my bill. I asked — point blank — in completely clear terms for an itemized list of my bill. I specifically stated that I wanted to know what they were charging my insurance company and what they were charging me. Of course (no surprise since everyone there is either stupid or really good at playing stupid), I was told that “the girl who is in charge of that isn’t here”. Ummm…it was a weekday. I’ve never known of a “person in charge” who is not available during the week. Was she on vacation? Not as far as I know. The woman I spoke with told me they would only be charging me $1250. She said that my insurance had a $1500 deductible and that they charged $625 per day (x 2 = $1250) so I would be responsible for the full $1250. Let me just say that I was furious about having to pay these people $1250 for holding me hostage for no good reason!

    I asked her multiple times: “Does that include all charges? What are you trying to bill my insurance company for?” Her answer was $1250.

    Imagine my surprise (not really, given the problems I’ve had with getting the TRUTH from anyone at UBH) when I received a letter from Leah Stephenson, I will scan it and give it to anyone who wants to see it but here is the txt:

    Date of service: 02/11/2012 – 02/13/2012
    Total amount due: $4300.00

    We have billed your insurance carrier for your services rendered with University Behavioral
    Health. However, they are requesting information from you as the patient and or insured.
    (Note: I think it’s “and/or”, Leah).

    Until this information is given to your insurance company BY YOU, your claim will not be paid.

    Your prompt attention to this is greatly appreciated. Please respond to any letter that your carrier has sent you or you may call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card.

    Should you have any questions, you may contact our office at the number listed below. If you do not respond to the request (I think a comma “,” belongs here, Leah) we will be forced to bill you for your services received by UBH.
    Are they kidding me?
    There’s a reason my insurance company is requesting information — because they suspect fraud!!!

    “Your prompt attention to this is greatly appreciated”
    What a joke. I’ll promptly attend to them when they give me my medical records that I requested on 02/22/2012. If they do not respond to my request, I will be forced to sue them. Well, I intend to do that anyway.

  2. john says:

    wow…sounds like the same threat we got from WATTS at Mayhill Hospital. we were told if my patient did not go to UBH Denton, then he would let the judge know and then we would be ordered to go…seems like the same threats. They must have a company wide policy on how to threaten patients and/or families…(that and/or is for you Leah, LOL)

  3. ubhdenton says:

    John, look at “Dr.” Watts’ ratings and reviews at the link pasted below. Absolutely scandalous.


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