Let’s Continue Another Story

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Stories from Other People

This is from our friend who was wrongfully admitted there after suffering a concussion.  To read her story, click here.

When I went back to UBH to get my belongings (worth $300+) that a friend of mine brought to them on 02/11/2012 and I never received AND they claimed (at first) they didn’t have — I asked to speak to someone regarding my bill. I asked — point blank — in completely clear terms for an itemized list of my bill. I specifically stated that I wanted to know what they were charging my insurance company and what they were charging me. Of course (no surprise since everyone there is either stupid or really good at playing stupid), I was told that “the girl who is in charge of that isn’t here”. Ummm…it was a weekday. I’ve never known of a “person in charge” who is not available during the week. Was she on vacation? Not as far as I know. The woman I spoke with told me they would only be charging me $1250. She said that my insurance had a $1500 deductible and that they charged $625 per day (x 2 = $1250) so I would be responsible for the full $1250. Let me just say that I was furious about having to pay these people $1250 for holding me hostage for no good reason!

I asked her multiple times: “Does that include all charges? What are you trying to bill my insurance company for?” Her answer was $1250.

Imagine my surprise (not really, given the problems I’ve had with getting the TRUTH from anyone at UBH) when I received a letter from Leah Stephenson, I will scan it and give it to anyone who wants to see it but here is the txt:

Date of service: 02/11/2012 – 02/13/2012
Total amount due: $4300.00

We have billed your insurance carrier for your services rendered with University Behavioral
Health. However, they are requesting information from you as the patient and or insured.
(Note: I think it’s “and/or”, Leah).

Until this information is given to your insurance company BY YOU, your claim will not be paid.

Your prompt attention to this is greatly appreciated. Please respond to any letter that your carrier has sent you or you may call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card.

Should you have any questions, you may contact our office at the number listed below. If you do not respond to the request (I think a comma “,” belongs here, Leah) we will be forced to bill you for your services received by UBH.
Are they kidding me?
There’s a reason my insurance company is requesting information — because they suspect fraud!!!


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