I just got off the phone with your latest victim, who I will call “Mary.”  And UBH… you REALLY shouldn’t have done that.  First of all, preparing to send someone to court to defend themselves and their freedom without giving them advance notice, and, without making sure their husband had time to find a lawyer?  Absolutely inexcusable.

Coleen, Miss “Patient Advocate?”  I heard you threatened Mary this morning.  Because she “caused all that trouble.”  What trouble?  She asked to leave the facility.  And, signed an “Against Medical Advice” letter asking to leave.  So as she left for court (where she was granted her freedom), she was threatened by you with being put in a van and transported to the state mental hospital in Wichita Falls?  You’re a mean spirited bitch of an “advocate,” aren’t you?

Listen Nurse Ratched (and I suspect there’s more than one of you involved in this)….denying a woman with pneumonia meals and medication is NOT treatment, and it’s not therapy.  My favorite story, though, was about the woman who needed her medication.  She begged and pleaded for it.  While the nurses and doctor Jacobsen (nice job, Dr. Quack) ignored her.  Then she had a Grand Mal seizure, and had to be taken to the emergency room.

Your staff is either incompetent or they’re under orders to be grossly neglectful of the patients in their care.  Either way, they should all be fired and the management team should be put in jail for reckless endangerment.  My lawyer reminds me to say “That is my humble opinion,” but something tells me there are others who will share it with me.

The stories keep pouring in and I’ll keep posting them as long as they do.

  1. This is so horrible…

    • ubhdenton says:

      Quantumphysica, I agree that it’s horrible. You know what it’s like in those places to begin with, but it’s especially bad if you are mistreated (which in my opinion is what happened here, at least according to the story as it was communicated to me).

      Hope you are doing well, thanks for reading my blog.

  2. scared says:

    I was molested by another patient after telling the staff numerous times he was comeing in my room.after filling out a report about the attack I was forced to leave the hospital the report has come up missing fromy records even after the ( patient advick) admited to my lawyer, that she passed it on to the hospital administration. This hospital has wreaked my life and i ended up at another hospital to recover from the trama that happened at Mayhill.I lost my life because of this hospital every day is a struggle for me now. And even though I have a lawyer Mayhill continues to call and Harassed me.they should not be allowed to get away with treating people this way..I have lost everything they were suppost to protect me,and the thing I don’t understand they said there security cameras were not working, and yet they kicked me out and keep the man that molested me..how do they get away with this…..

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