Maybe there *are* worse places….

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Stories from Other People

See this article about the hospital in Wichita Falls, Texas, and the types of things that go on there.  Here’s the gist of it:


“Medical records state the Arlington woman had shoe print-shaped bruises on her arms; fingerprint marks on her arms, legs and inner thighs; bruises under both eyes; and scrapes on her buttocks. Her clothes were stained with blood and urine. Cox — who had spent the previous four days in three different state correctional facilities — told hospital staffers that she had been beaten and raped while in custody.

“The Wichita Falls psychiatric hospital did not call law enforcement. Instead, state hospital records show, staffers decided she was delusional, drugged her and refused to give her a rape kit when she asked for it.”

Now, why am I writing about another hospital?  One of the patients cited in my blog posts told me in a phone call that the patient “advocate” at UBH repeatedly threatened her with being sent to the state facility in Wichita Falls.  Why?  Allegedly because she filed paperwork to leave UBH against medical advice (AMA).

Why would a for profit hospital threaten you with removal to a state hospital?  Wouldn’t they want to keep you there and keep billing insurance?  Well, maybe scaring the holy hell out of you with the threat of a longer-term stay at an even worse facility is a means of psychological terrorism to get you to stay in their facility longer?  I’m not sure, but she’s not the first person to relay that kind of story to me.  I heard stories of it myself when I was an inmate at UBH.  (No, I was not a patient, sorry… I throw up in my mouth a little bit when I use that word in reference to the time I spent at that facility).

People go to mental health hospitals for relief from something that most people cannot imagine.  They go because they are suffering from intense emotional pain and suffering.  How does it help them to threaten an even worse outcome?   You tell me….

  1. Shoniqua says:

    My heart goes out to the poor woman from Wichita Falls 😦 Unfortunately, noone seems to know or care about what is going on at these facilities until they are forced to see it for themselves.

    Regarding the woman’s story about the “patient advocate” (what a joke!) at UBH: I had the same experience with that person (along with every other employee of UBH). I had to file paperwork to leave UBH against medical advice (AMA). Once I filed the paperwork — every single employee at UBH tried to coerce me into retracting my paperwork.

    How did I end up there? Good question. I went to Baylor Grapevine Hospital with a CONCUSSION and they forced me to go to UBH against my will (in an ambulance). I had good insurance and was railroaded into this place. I had to fight to get out. I couldn’t believe anything like that could happen to me in this day and age. I am a professional woman with a successful career and many accomplishments in my life. Yet — that experience has scarred me forever. I wake up in the middle of the night, afraid that someone is going to break down my door and lock me up for no good reason.

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