Shoniqua’s Story

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Stories from Other People

This was posted in a comment on my site, but I think it deserves a bit more attention ….  in her own words, here is her story:


“I went to Baylor Grapevine Hospital with a CONCUSSION and they forced me to go to UBH against my will (in an ambulance). I had good insurance and was railroaded into this place. I had to fight to get out. I couldn’t believe anything like that could happen to me in this day and age. I am a professional woman with a successful career and many accomplishments in my life. Yet — that experience has scarred me forever. I wake up in the middle of the night, afraid that someone is going to break down my door and lock me up for no good reason.”

Shoniqua, that was my experience, too.  It took months to stop having nightmares about it, and to stop feeling really freaked out anytime I was in an enclosed space.  People who have never been through this experience like we have cannot possibly understand.

Wishing you much peace….



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