Wow….. Selina’s Story

Posted: September 16, 2012 in Fighting Back, Stories from Other People

Here’s the latest story from none other than Mayhill Hospital.  As always, the name has been changed to protect the victim (but in case UBH’s attorneys are watching, yes, I have this in writing and yes the victim gave me permission to publish this):

I checked in voluntarily to Mahill on 8/28/2012. I was discharged on Labor Day. It was by far the worst experience of my life. There are so many complaints that I do not know if I should elaborate on here. I am a former hospital administrator and am certain of the many violations. Yes, I know who JHACO is etc… I will file complaints with all you recommended.

On Day 1 of my stay for opiate abuse, prescription, a tech on 1st floor told me that if I did not behave and follow the rules that I would be placed in a room which she was more than willing to take me into. I had no idea of a seclusion room and certainly was not a candidate for this. I complained. When I asked to leave thinking I could get AMA paperwork, they instructed me that I could request a 24 hr hold and go to court. Court? Seriously, I am a resident of Upshur County. Why would I go to court in Denton County and I entered voluntarily.
I was soon moved from the substance abuse floor (1) to the 2nd floor with geriatrics, mentally ill patients, agressive patients. Group did me little assistance as there was NO one there with my situation. I was drugged with Seboxone then told I could not leave as the drug they had given me would cause withdrawal symptoms. I asked multiple times for a PDR explanation of Seboxone but I guess they felt I was illiterate.
I began experiencing symptoms of an URI on Friday and requested an appt with the medical doctor, Dr. Evans. I saw him on Saturday with a 104 fever. He suggested I stay away from other patients. How is this possible in group??? When I arrived home, I went to my family doctor on Tuesday to discover I had bilateral pneumonia despite the script Dr. Evans gave for Levaquin.
The techs are barely over 18 y/o and are rude but the adult techs are more intimidating. Yelling at you, stating you need to clean the day room. What? This is a hospital. We could not conduct group over Labor Day weekend due to the harassment of the staff.
A stroke victim I sat with at meals spilled his drinks on average of 2 times per meal. The cafeteria staff would hand me a towel and instruct me to clean it up. Universal precautions??? Not here. I’m now housekeeping staff!!!
I will be happy to elaborate to poor treatment of geriatric patients, aggressive patients being in a smoke room with others which just initiated fights, theft of my property, drugging, misinformation and 5 minutes every 2 days with Dr. Islam, Medical Director who was my psych.
I count myself lucky to have gotten out alive. Seriously! You can check my charts if they have not been alerted which I suspect will be done as the patient advocate could not find my complaint on being threatened with the Seclusion Room. 
So a few days later, she followed up with this:
I spoke to Shannon Jones, Patient Advocate, upon my return to complain. She stated she had been out of the office most of my stay. However, she further informed me that she had received over 30 complaints from patients for mistreatment over the Labor Day weekend. This hospital needs to be sanctioned or shut down. I know in group on Saturday 9/1/2012 our “therapist” Leslie was handing out patient complaint forms to all that attended. Also, one tech, T on night shift was a savior for me. He and I had lengthy talks about the other techs/aides and their immaturity and lack of experience. He stated he realized what his colleagues were doing and was concerned as a Christian. Surprisingly, he encouraged me to not allow the psychiatrist to “cookie cutter” my prognosis or stay. He had a kind spirit and truly was there to help the patients. Unfortunately he was there when we were all sleeping. Who can sleep?? Unless drugged. Severely mental patients were continually roaming the halls, cursing in loud voices and slamming into my room. I have never been so afraid. I pray daily that God will allow my nightmares to end.

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