Posted: November 9, 2012 in Fighting Back, Lawsuit, Who Am I?

So UBH and its parent company were sold this year, as expected.  For over $500 million, as I understand it.  Meanwhile…. they have left ME hanging.  They sued me for about $6 million they knew I didn’t have, and, now that their lawyer is pushing up daisies and they have $500 million in the bank…and their former investors like Brian Chee at Polaris Venture Capital have feathered their nests all the more….what’s left?

I’ll tell you what’s left…. the HOPE that new owners Universal Health Services, Inc., will clean up the atrocities that are UBH Denton and Mayhill Hospital.  I am optimistic about that, I have to be.  Why?   I can’t have gone through all this for nothing.  When I was waiting out the early days of the lawsuit, all I could say to myself was “I did what was right… I did what was right….”

And, I did.  I’ve saved a lot of people by going public with my story and I don’t regret it.  Here’s the thing I don’t get….

They say the world is full of frivolous lawsuits, right?  And my lawyers are simply amazing southern gentlemen who are truly wonderful and compassionate men, so please don’t think I’m complaining about what they charge, because they’ve been super gracious and wonderful to me and they are worth every penny they bill for…..

…but is it really fair that to date I’ve had to spend tens of thousands of dollars to sit around and wait for Richard Kresch, Atique Khan, and the now sold Ascend Health, to…..fish or cut bait?  They apparently don’t have the desire to finish what they started.  I guess with $500 million in the bank Dr. Kresch is too busy thinking up his next big venture to worry about little old me anymore, especially since he’s no longer going to be impacted if UBH is shut down or loses its license.

And years ago they threatened to come after ME if I didn’t drop MY suit against them, alleging it would be frivolous.  <shaking my head>

So, for now, I have decided that I have to get back to work on my site.  Please send your stories and your questions to me at info@ubhdentonsucks.com    I’m in this for the long haul…..


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