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Posted: February 10, 2013 in Stories from Other People

A very disturbing e-mail arrived in my inbox today.  The sender asked me to publish it on my site.  He’s desperate to help his wife, and, who can blame him?

My wife volutarily checked in at Ubh of denton on the advice of a clinician who saw my wife at the er. My wife just wanted a couple of days to talk to someone. The clinician wrote on her report that my wife was suicidal and had a drinking problem. Also that she five car accidents in five months. All of it is a distortion of the what my told the clinician. I was there while the clinician asked and my wife answered the questions. As a result of this wrong initial eval, a psychiatrist wrote my wife suicidal without even seeing/speaking to my wife. This all occured on 2/7/13. At the time of the check was coerced and pressured to sign the forms. The patient bill of rights was not explained to her. She refused to sign the financial resp. docs. To which the finance clerk said something like “it doesnt matter I can sign for you”. On 2/8, Dr Jacobson did not allow my wife to speak. He simply said that he had made his decision not to release her based on the eval of a clinician and the other dr. Before Dr. Jacobson spoke to my wife, she had filled out the AMA. So apparently Jacobson was not interested in spking to my wife. She was told by several staff that if she did not rescind the AMA, she was in danger of having a mandatory 90 day court order stay. Also that by going to court that it would be a matter of public record. My wife is not suicidal. She is scared for her life in ubh. She is in the VSU wing with psychotics. I feel like im losing her. I dont how to help her get out.
This is a nightmare. 
  1. john hall says:

    how can this continue to happen.  almost exactly the same as our encounter.  why is there no lawyer that will help those wrongfully admitted? i dont know where to place more blame on the healthcare system or legal system?


    • ubhdenton says:

      There are lawyers available…. the problem is that most people cannot afford them.

      Also, the system favors the hospital. ANY hospital can hold you for commitment, then decide at the last minute not to go through with it. Or, just not show up for the hearing. Every single day any psychiatric hospital holds you is a day they can bill for services rendered.

      There *is* a very competent, strong, aggressive attorney out there taking cases against this hospital for alleged injuries sustained. I can give you the attorney’s name and number, just e-mail me at info@ubhdentonsucks.com

      The problem, as i see it, is that the Texas legal system gives incredible power to FOR PROFIT hospitals to initially determine someone’s mental state and hold them profitably while doing so, and then, it does not hold them liable for errors in judgment.

      If the system were reversed… the hospital could hold people, but, not without income (or with a trivial amount of it) until that person were clearly proven to be a danger? This problem would stop immediately. But I’m sure there would be other problems associated with that.

      Perhaps … maybe just perhaps… mental health facilities should not *be* “for profit?”

      I honestly don’t know the answer, but I will tell you that having suffered through everything I have been trough? I don’t have much faith in the current system in the state of Texas.

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