Posted yesterday…..

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

This was posted as a comment to my last post on the blog


I listened on the phone this week as the family that posted this comment cried and talked about their loss.  I cried myself…. after five years you would think I would be over what happened.  But, I guess I’m not.

Reporters are calling me now.  I of course can’t talk to them given my legal status, but, I sure would like to.

  1. Mad says:

    U can’t talk but I can and I will that poor family my lawyer said we can do a interviews and the reporters can hear it all Mabey this family losing there loved one and my rape will make people see what’s going on there and save life’s

  2. Michael says:

    Someone needs to speak up and speak out!

    • ubhdenton says:

      I tried and got my ass sued, Michael. lol

      • Mad says:

        Well you had something to lose thanks to them I don’t and I won’t stop I have a lawyer and am being harassed by these people they answer to no one and I won’t stop till there shut down or people stop leaving worst then when they got there

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