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Posted: March 28, 2013 in Fighting Back, Stories from Other People

To the victims and families of UBH Denton and Mayhill Hospital:

Byron Harris, investigative reporter for WFAA News 8, has launched a formal investigation of UBH Denton and Mayhill Hospital. Friday, March 29th at 10:00 AM, interviews will be held. We are urging victims, family members of victims, and former staff members to come forward to tell your story so that changes can be made to these facilities so that no more lives are lost or ruined. Please contact us at loveyou4life6212@gmail.com for information on where to go and who to talk to.

  1. Speaking Out says:

    I am so shocked by how many people are coming fwd, I understand more then anyone the hell you and or your loved one went threw!!! Why are so many talking and yet so scared!!! The damage is done, you or your loved one made it out alive..You were lucky. This isn’t a state hospital, or a government run Hospital!!! THIS IS A FOR PROFIT Hospital!!! Don’t be scared if changes are not made more people will be hurt or lose there life!! I won’t stop till changes are made people are held responsible and UBH And Mayhill are forced to change what is going on in there hospitals!!!!! I will not be silenced!!! This is the tip of the ice burge! Due time all in due time..

    • ubhdenton says:

      Speaking out….. just remember, most people do not want anyone to know they were ever in a behavioral health hospital. It’s embarrassing. Which is why they’ve been allowed to get away with it this long. The people who have agreed to speak to Byron Harris, plus the comments on this blog, and, the lawsuit against me, are enough to make the story and investigation solid. Do not worry my dear…. Byron has been watching this for over a year. I think he’s ready to blow the lid off of it. And if he’s not, others are. Stay strong.

      • Speaking Out says:

        Ubh, and mayhill should be worried I am In a room with 7 people who are all victims of Ubh and mayhill!!!! And we’re all telling are story’s to mr Harris from wffa 8 people’s heads are going to roll when this story airs…,.thank god we all have Dawn Smith as are lawyer to protect us!! If your living in hell from Ubh or mayhill call dawn join are fight for change so no more life’s are lost or shattered!!

  2. otad12 says:

    My personal experience with UB-Fake!


    Make sure you read @LIBRARYANNA’s idiotic comment. This isn’t the whole story, either. I’m still traumatized.

    In the mental hospital, the staff would antagonize patients provoking them to anger, on purpose, for an excuse to rough handle them & put them in restraints. They get paid for it by insurance companies to restrain people.

    In 2010, 6 men rough handled me, & it felt like police brutality. They pressed me on my pressure point & snatched me up & dragged me into the solitary confinement room because I wasn’t feeling well, & my blood pressure was unusually high for some strange reason. Also, I was light headed & had a little pseudo-seizure caused by the toxic psych meds. They thought I was faking for attention. They had proof of the higb blood pressure by the test. So how was I faking?

    After they grabbed & rough handled me, tried to break my arms, my nose, made my wrist sprain, put bruises on me, etc. & 1 of them was tickling my feet ON PURPOSE, laughing, & then they rough handled me & pinned me down AGAIN because of auto-reflex of kicking back. Then, they gave me a cocktail & put me in restraints for 4 hours & starved me. They put a guilt trip on me, blaming “MY behavior”. What about theirs?

    I tried to report them & file a grievance, sue, etc. & no one wanted to help me.


    My situation happened @ University Behavioral Health mental hospital in Denton, TX. I wish I could get revenge!

    [ http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/archivos_pdf/hiddenside_psychiatry.pdf PLEASE DOWNLOAD & READ ALL PAGES! A “MUST-READ!” ]



    In 2009, I went to UB-Fake, & I had bitch Dr. Vasavada who only cared to add extra drugs, saying that it will help side-effects. Yeah, right. He gave me Geodon, on top of my Luxov. My chest started hurting one day, & then I had a seizure-like episode, but fully aware, & they said I was faking for attention.

    I had Dr. Moolamalla from 2010-2011. He was nice for a year, but then he betrayed me. I hate him, Dr. Vasavada, Dr. Umar Latif, Hutch, Monticia, Chris, Myra, & so many other fake abusive staff there. My blood is boiling now. I can’t thing straight. I have more to tell.

    I’ve been to Mayhill once, & they don’t restrain you, but they fucking starve people & don’t feed them enough! They want everyone on a “diabetic” diet, & I hate Dr. Leftin! I call him, Dr. Wrong! He gave me a false diagnosis of “Schizoaffective” after talking with me for 5 minutes. I was like, “WTF!”


    Also, look @ this. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110602052530AAG2v52

    I’ve been a psych patient who’s been medicated nearly the whole 27 yrs. of my life! I just recently figured out how to break away from it, but I’m afraid of being FORCED back in. By the time I was 24, I realized that pills don’t solve my problems. It pretty much DESTROYED my mind & body. That’s why when I talk, plenty of people say that my speech is illogical & incoherent & doesn’t make sense. & it’s discouraging!

    I suffered 2 strokes at age 5, & on top of that, I attempted suicide twice last yr. because of those psych pills. Cymbalta made me do it. & Effexor made me feel like I was going to die. Doxepin & Trazodone KEEP me hungry. I gained like 80 lbs. in 6 mos. I was angry b/c I had finally been able to take off that weight after so many years!

    It’s hard to deal with counseling because it makes you more frustrated, angry, sad, etc. going out than coming in. Those therapists get PAID to provoke you to anger, so that you can be handed over to the law (jail) or the psych ward & have pills forcefully shoved down your throat. & if they can’t put it down your throat, they’ll get you in the hip. I’ve been battered & abused in the looney house (psych ward) & suffered what seemed like police brutality. & I was told that they were right & I was wrong, & that I cannot sue. I am SO hurt by this, & it only makes my depression worse.


    The following videos have Scientology propaganda, but they’re telling you a lot of truth.

    Psychiatry: An Industry of Death (FULL VERSION)

    Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging – Full Length

    Diagnostic & Statistical Manual: Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scam

    The Marketing of Madness: The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs

    Dead Wrong How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child


    The following isn’t ran by CCHR/Scientology:

    Sick: A Documentary

    That’s it. I’m done. My e-mail is tharen85@gmail.com I moved to Los Angeles, but I still want revenge!

  3. otad12 says:

    Please, everyone. Download & read! http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/archivos_pdf/hiddenside_psychiatry.pdf The Dark/hidden side of psychiatry. Psychiatry is Nazi, racist & Satanic!

  4. otad12 says:

    I mean revenge, as in “justice”. I wasn’t trying to say “retaliation”.

  5. otad12 says:

    *My LUVOX meds. Sorry. Typo.

  6. otad12 says:

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  7. otad12 says:

    Funny thing is, everyone (including family), counselors & other people tried to tell me that I “deserved” to be rough-handled by those 6 men. They tried to kill me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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