Well, I Guess It’s Not a Secret Anymore….

Posted: June 5, 2013 in After the Dust Settled, Fighting Back

There was an investigative report aired tonight about my favorite hospitals!  It aired on WFAA Channel 8  in Dallas and was reported by Byron Harris, an award-winning investigative journalist.     I will be sharing links on the site to the story when it is available online.  Meanwhile, those of you who have joined me in hoping for some sort of spotlight to be shined on this situation should thoroughly enjoy the broadcast.


  1. EncompassingEarth says:

    i was there @ubh in 2008 as adolescent. i was 17. ive been to greenoaks and this place was pretty bad. and thats a lot saying by greenoaks which is considered one of the worst in the metroplex. im not sure if i want to type all of my experiences. i had some bad ones myself but i was wanting to tell about this one counselor there. a caucasian lady with short blonde hair (at the time). she would pick on kids and make it her duty to. she was nice to me at first. for some really odd reason the tables completely flipped later that day in group. she outed me in the group because i said i didnt want to be there – saying i was troublemaker – because i specifically said “My goal is not here anymore and get out of this place”. what really saddened me was a boy of 15 was regularly provoked at group in front of ALL the rest of the kids. the counselor would go out of her way to make it personal when he wanted to stop coming to group because of her provoking and make fun of him. saying “look at him. you dont want to be this guy.” during group and other things. i saw him cry many times. and there were no justified reasons for her to do this or to make it personal. i was appalled as i have been to a few places and never seen anything like this in my life.

    i had a bad psychiatrist too outside of the place connected to ubh. but theres a lot of psychiatrists that arent very good in this area.

    other places i saw a doctor everyday. here i saw him every 3-4 days or every other day sometimes for 5 min.

    but does anyone know the name of the counselor or who i am talking about?

  2. Sue pusateri says:

    I wasn’t able to get the broadcast so look forward to seeing your postings

  3. Robin Jackson. says:

    above is link to ch 8 video. OH MY WORD & I thought I had it rough!

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