Case No. 2013-30804-211

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Fighting Back, Stories from Other People

lawsuitCase No. 2013-30804-211… filed in Denton County on 10/14/13.

Jessica Rogers-Hall VS University Behavioral Health of Denton a/k/a UHP, LP d/b/a University Behavoioral Health of Denton; Mayhill Behavioral Health, LLC d/b/a Mayhill Hospital; Ascend Health Corporation; Universal Health Services, Inc.; and Raza Sayed, M.D.

Jessica, you see, is one of the many friends I have made through this blog.  I have watched the torment and hell she has gone through since she was in UBH.  I have talked to her on the phone when she was freaked out so bad that she didn’t know what to do.  I have watched her work very hard to pull her life back together and I think she’s done a great job and been very strong.

Sadly, the worst is yet to come for her, I fear.  If they treat her case like they treated mine, she’s in for a rude awakening about how little they care about doing the right thing when something goes horribly wrong at their hospital.

What I don’t get is how they stay open.  I really don’t.  How many lawsuits are currently active against UBH Denton?  Let’s list ’em….

1.   Jessica Rogers-Hall VS University Behavioral Health of Denton a/k/a UHP, LP d/b/a University Behavoioral Health of Denton; Mayhill Behavioral Health, LLC d/b/a Mayhill Hospital; Ascend Health Corporation; Universal Health Services, Inc.; and Raza Sayed, M.D.  (Filed 10/14/13).

2.  K.L. VS University Behavioral Health of Denton a/k/a UHP, LP d/b/a Univeristy Behavioral Health of Denton; Ascend Health Corporation; Universal Health Services, Inc.; and Praveen Moolamalla, M.D.  (Filed 9/13/13).

3.  Kristen Colston, individually and on behalf of the Estate of William T. Colston, Deceased, and on Behalf of All Wrongful Death Beneficiaries of William T. Colston, Deceased VS UHP, LP d/b/a University Behavioral Health of Denton and Harold Neil Jacobson, M.D.  (File 9/12/12).

4.  Joseph Juraszek VS University Behavioral Health,Assad Islam, M.D.  (Filed 11/19/12).

These cases are all ACTIVE.  FOUR lawsuits for injuries active at one time.  Some before the you-know-who (aka Dr. Kresch) sold this chain to Universal Health Services and some after, so, we can’t blame the previous owners or the current ones exclusively.

Meanwhile, where is the almighty Joint Commission?  On UBH’s website it still shows that they are accredited by the JC.  How can that be?  I’ll tell you how… here.  Every person I know who works in healthcare actually believes that the JC is something to be feared.  I’d say otherwise.  Apparently it hands out accreditation like free candy on October 31.

I wish all of these plaintiffs the best of luck.  May they succeed where I failed.


  1. says:

    Can we reply to this without repercussions?

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Jessica says:

    Thank you for your kind words, And for alwasy being there for me this last year. But I’m not scared of them..I was I’m not now I have started over and built a life I’m proud of.. The left me on the street dieing, And I have come back I will over come and live my life. You are a bright light in my life thank you for always beliving in me and for all are talks and for holding my hand when the waves got high…But I will be ok….thanks to you and Dawn..xoxo

    Love ya like a fat kid loves cake!!!!!!! Jessica

  3. Tired of Incompetence says:

    The State of Texas has had investigators at UBH and Mayhill 3 days in the last week and a half, 12/14 and 12/15-16. One day for the Channel 8 case and two days that were not revealed. There has been more turnover at Mayhill in the last year than any hospital I have been associated with. The CEO, the CNO [one RN Supervisor said he had worked under 13 CNOs since he had been there], 5 Risk Managers and now they are looking for number 6, there are two more lawsuits pending from 2012 that are not listed for Mayhill, Susan Young who now directs Mayhill and UBH has no idea what to do with Mayhill except scream at employees and lie. Corporate has no idea the problems that exist and persist despite the belligerent reign of Susan Young. The census of the hospital is in the low 20s and it takes 44 to break even. They are losing $300,000+ a month due to low census. This hospital should be closed. In my opinion it is a dangerous place for any patient, medication errors are horrendous, and since August there have been two interim DONs and one CNO who stayed less than a month. There is merit to other potential legal cases, alleged sexual misconduct between patients, that have merit I think but will not be pursued because the patients do not know how. There is also merit to a patient who almost died due to negligent, absent, medical care within 24 hours of admission a couple of months ago. The patient does not know it. What is worse they are fixing to begin ECT treatment to try and increase revenue. Would you allow them to put electrodes to your head and shock you?

  4. Jessica says:

    This is Jessica Rogers-Hall I’m writing this to all UBH victim’s and there family’s.

    It does get worse before it gets better, I got paper work from my lawyer two days ago.. Its things UBH and there Lawyers’ want to know about my Rape and how it has affected me and my life. They want to know where I live with whom I live with my children’s names ages where they go to school. My ex-husbands info, frankly I AM PISSED In the three days I have again started having flash backs, nightmares, I can’t sleep and eat and am being forced to relive this all over again…How can they keep trying to victimize me and hurt me they keep trying to break me Cant they just admit they fucked up and I was hurt because of it, I just want someone to take responsibility for what happen to me and change regulations so it never happens again to anyone……I want to go one with my life. I will go on with my life like I have been for the last 21 months….UBH you should be ashamed of how you treat the people you have hurt and there family’s…You broke me once and I promise you it will now happen again..

    (A poem from my heart!!)
    I don’t know where I belong
    from the looks of things
    I am doing ever thing wrong
    I say, You know I am your friend I
    just have to be strong
    you can hold on until then
    There is only one thing to do
    let the words come out
    from with in you
    You pulled my strings
    Said some things
    Now the only thing I have left
    Are these broken wings
    You left my side
    Said good-bye
    With all this hate these
    Broken wings won’t fly
    I can’t fly I may die If I don’t try

    Can you just leave me alone the sting is felt down To the bone
    Can you tell I don’t care I am on my own
    This is not a promise but a swear

    There is nothing more to say keep loving for this could be my last day
    You pulled my strings Said some things
    Now the only thing I have left
    Are these broken wings

    You left my side
    Said good-bye
    With all this hate these
    Broken wings won’t fly
    Now you can see
    This is too much
    for me to be
    Now you can hear
    the cries at night full of despair
    I don’t know where I belong
    From the looks of things
    I am doing everything wrong
    But I will keep trying even though I feel I’m Dyeing!

    For the victims of UBH I feel your pain… Jessica

  5. Cady says:

    My friend needs a lawyer to help get their 17 year old out of UBH. They want her transferred and UBH is refusing, saying she is in too bad of shape to be transferred. They were assured by Baqi Martin that she would be released, but the doctor has denied release 2 days in a row. T has che mother has cancer and they need to get up to Denver, where she lives, for her to have surgery, but Dr. Humera Chowdhari refuses to let their daughter travel out of state, actually refuses to let her be transferred any place. They have two attorneys right now, but who are the attorneys y’all are using? They will sue this place to get their daughter out, and get to Denver where their daughter has a long term facility bed waiting for her and the wife has her Orthopedic Oncologist waiting for her. (Long story short, daughter has refused treatment for almost a year, until one hour before they were driving to Colorado to live, then she became suddenly “suicidal”, but only because she does not want to leave her boyfriend, sister, and job in Texas. CPS was brought in, cleared them, and MHMR and UBH have held their daughter and refused letting them see her at some of those times. They have had their Constitutional Rights violated, and even though they have amazing, experienced lawyers, they need one familiar with UBH and their ways). Any and all help is appreciated! BTW, they have recorded every conversation with UBH and their employees, to cover their butts. This is not going to end well legally and financially for MHMR, UBH, and any of the employees involved in this fraud and conspiracy, especially if something happens to the daughter or mom.

    • ubhdenton says:

      I am sorry I didn’t see your comment until now. I recommend calling the lawyers mentioned on my home page and ask for their advice. Especially Dawn Smith.

  6. Jessica says:

    I heard you say, It gets worse! But in my heart I needed to believe the worst was over. It’s not, it appears every 6 months or so, Mahill’s and UBH’s Lawyers want more information about me.. Where I went to school, medical records dating back to childhood. I have nothing to hide, but just the email with attachments, ( please sign and return ). A phone call On my end to find out why and what. And poor Dawn has put up with so much from me..But all it takes is that email or call. And it all comes back, I am thrown for a loop, I struggle and struggle to deal with how it turns my life up side down. I don’t know if they do this to push me past a point, I might never return from. Some days are harder then others. The flashbacks and night terrors come and go, the memories always right there triggered by things I don’t and have yet to understand. . What happened was bad enough, but it’s what it uncovered, and what I have to live with now that is turning my life upside down. No pill can or has helped me or the nightmares from entering my sleep, and yet Im forced to walk around with a smile, dying a little more each day.. The tears are the worst because once they start it all starts over. I have to stay strong and it’s been awhile since I felt safe or trusted. I fight every day for some kind of grasp at what little of me is left. I don’t recognize the face in mirror, I have aged 10 years in 2. I am 33, I have lived threw and overcome some things in life most people will never deal with or have to face. And im still here, I don’t know why, and I pray always praying for some peace. I just want to sleep again, live my life again, but you were right so right. It does get worst, and I’m not getting better. Mabey just better at hiding the pain, and shame. I just want it over and some symbolic sense of peace in my life. So until then, I go on. A fake smile and laugh for the people around me, tears on my pillow at night when I’m alone. And memory’s that I’m forever haunted by…..

  7. The sad sad thing is that even though, there are these lawsuits. And even though so many have been hurt. Nothing will come of any of this. A few of these cases have settled, and of course. They can never be discussed. This hurts me you see. Because this has never been about money for me. This has only ever been about fixing the wrong going on. Making these hospitals safe for people like me. Who in are most desperate lowest hour. When we could not take care of our selfs, and we were scared we would hurt are self or others. We turned to these hospitals for help to get better, stable and be safe. But we were never safe. And the people after us will not be safe. They think they can throw money at me to shut me up. To forget what happen, and try to go on with my life. I’m not scared of these hospitals anymore. I’m not scared of there lawyers, or anything these scumbags think they can use against me. Or on me. We meet next month on my case for mediation. AND I’M NOT SCARED. I am ready to take this to trial I have two national news staions ready to follow the trial and make public aware of what is really going on behind there closed doors. I have nothing left to lose, and I’m ready for this fight. So yes some may of settled. They can never speek of the atrocities that happen to them. But this fight is long from over with me. UBH and Mayhill have not heard of seen the last of me. There is so muvh more to come…… Because you can’t buy me, you can’t shut me up. I’m going down fighting and I’m taking UBH with me…………

  8. Sunshine says:

    Jessica Rogers Hall is liar! She is one of the the best manipulators I have EVER come across! If you’ve ever lived with that conniving witch you should worry about your credit score! Completely self centered!

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