Posted: November 12, 2013 in Fighting Back

'Attorney Dawn Smith

Dawn is a firecracker and a very compassionate lady.  She takes wonderful care of her clients from what they have told me and she is very accomplished, having spent her career fighting for injured parties across the U.S.

A member of the U.S. Supreme Court Bar, you can visit her website by clicking here.

Attorney Skip Simpson

Skip Simpson sees his job as a way to hold mental health care providers accountable.  Suicide prevention is his number one goal,skip and his website notes this:

The National Institute of Mental Health (2011) reports that over 90% of Americans who die by suicide suffer from a treatable mental illness and/or substance disorder. With competent care, protection, and proper treatment, thousands of these victims could, conceivably be alive today.

However, before a mental health provider can treat mental illness, they need to detect, assess, and protect the suicidal patient before suicidal individuals choose to attempt that most desperate and final act. In those situations in which suicidal people have been detected and are referred for psychiatric care, many families and friends believe their loved ones are safe.

Unfortunately, they are not always safe. Many licensed mental health professionals are poorly trained — if trained at all — in the detection, assessment, protection and treatment of suicidal people. Although you might expect your loved ones to receive proper care in a psychiatric facility, they might actually be in harm’s way due to poor training of facility staff.

Contact Skip by visiting his website here.


NOTE:  Neither of these attorneys asked or paid to be listed on this blog.  I have never accepted one dollar of compensation for running this blog.  I am featuring these two legal eagles because they have proven to me that they care about their clients.


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