Yes, We’re Still Here

Posted: March 22, 2014 in After the Dust Settled, Fighting Back

It’s been awhile since I last wrote, but, there are reasons for that.  One is I’m not too keen on getting sued again.  Another is that life has moved on in many pleasant directions that have finally helped me to heal somewhat from my experiences with UBH.  Over six years and I finally feel like I might be “over it” (at least as much as I am ever going to be).

I saw online that the Colston case settled out of court.  I hope Mrs. Colston and her family got millions, but something tells me they didn’t.  It doesn’t matter anyway, nothing would replace the precious life that was lost.  And not that one life is ever more valuable than another, but, the life of one of our treasured and brave military is such a tragedy to lose over something so stupid as this “hospital.”

Make no mistake, though…. I am still receiving tons of e-mails from those who stumble across this blog.  It sounds like nothing has changed at UBH or Mayhill.  I am forwarding all requests to speak to the national reporter on to her/him so that your stories might be heard.  And I will not let what I and so many of you went through be in vain.  I am convinced that the real story has not yet been heard.  Sooner or later?  It will be.

UBH did not honor its end of our settlement agreement.  I’m not surprised.  I suppose I am legally not really bound by it anymore, either.  But hey, a bargain is a bargain even if they don’t think so.  At no time, however, did that agreement include me shutting up.  Until next time…..


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