J’s UBH Story

Posted: December 19, 2015 in Stories from Other People

J recently sued UBH Denton.  He was unsuccessful in his attempt, but wants his story to be heard.  This is the first installment in his experience with this hospital.  It is shared in his own words, unedited by me.  

Two weeks ago a jury of my peers decided that UBH hospital in Denton, Texas and my doctor were not responsible for my suicide attempt. Testifying in this trial stirred up a lot of emotions and triggers. I grew up on the Southside of Chicago, part of the blue collar work force. No one graduated from high school in my family. I was made aware of athletic scholarships from a neighbor. This became my vehicle out of this situation. As one of my psychiatrists said I ran through, over and around all walls or challenges. Finally in November of 2010 the wall I couldn’t overcome knocked me down, this event brought me to UBH.

I earned that athletic scholarship, played collegiate football and discovered my niche in the athletic world as a STRENGTH & conditioning coach. I worked at two major universities, eventually to the highest level, the NFL. I had great work ethic and ability to communicate with my athletes and coaches. After a tragic incident at work in the spring of 2009. After this event we went back to work the next day.

Over the next couple of months I had some health scares and operations. My anxiety grew to proportions where I felt I had a fan in my chest. I began to drive to work, thinking about driving under eighteen wheelers. I worked with psychiatrists, took prescribed meds and always thought I’ll just “tough it out” as I had always. The harder I tried the worse I became. I kept working until we went on the road to a major east coast city. During the game, all of the lights in the stadium went out. I don’t know how long. I stood still and all I could thinks was bullets and bombs. We won the game and I was without feelings. I was comatose on the flight home. When arriving at home I walked to my office, removed my suit jacket and curled up in a ball. My wife comforted me the best she knew how, this was an all new scenario for me and my family.

I worked the next several days until Thursday. I completed my end of week responsibilities. Upon completion I walked throughout the complex telling my peers and coworkers that something was wrong with me. I had several orthopedic surgeries while working, usually going too far before asking for help. I drove home and tried to lay down and relax, that wasn’t happening. We called a close friend and we decided to get me to a mental health facility. We drove to one institution and even in my reeling state I knew that wasn’t the right place. It was an older dwelling, somewhat like American Horror Story. We decided to drive to Denton, to UBH. A much better institution. In my next post I will describe what went on in my 4 day stay at UBH. My mind and life hadn’t been reeling out of control, it was soon to begin at UBH.

  1. Jess says:

    I understand how hard that was, and is. I was raped at Mayhill. I have a mediation in three weeks with them. This is not and has not ever been about money. What happened to me never should have happened. I went there because I needed help I was supposed to be safe they were supposed to protect me and keep me safe when i couldent do it and needed help, but they only caused me so much pain and damage that I can’t do normal things anymore. I just want a normal life back. But I don’t think it’s ever going to happen…bless you and I pray you find peace……..

  2. sandra chaffin says:

    my grandson died at their hands.Nothing will ever bring him back.There is not enough money in this world to right the wrong that was done to him while locked inside Ubh

  3. sandra chaffin says:

    I admire each and everyone that post what has happened to them. Maybe you will help save someones life

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