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Let’s Close the Book on This One

Posted: April 14, 2013 in Lawsuit

After almost one year since it was filed, the lawsuit has been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.   I have no further comment on the lawsuit.

There are some people who deserve serious thanks.  There are actually a lot of people.  I wish I could spell out and acknowledge who they are and what they did, but that would only cause some embarrassment and unwanted attention for them so I will just say how much I love them and appreciate their support.  My family most of all… I would have never survived without their support.

My attorneys.  Wow.  What an awesome bunch of guys:  Charles, Mark, Eric, John… I could not have been in better hands.  I appreciate all that you have done for me.   (And, many thanks to SB for helping me find John in the first place!)

Now… What’s in the Future…… ????

The blog continues, and as always, it will be at my expense. (I guess it goes without saying that, to date, I’m quite “in the hole” financially for having maintained it.  Great lawyers don’t work cheap.)

If you feel you have been mistreated by UBH Denton or Mayhill, contact me at    I will happily refer you to one of the sharpest, toughest legal minds in Texas.  She is a class act and I only wish I had met her before I dropped my lawsuit against UBH back in the day.  Maybe things would have been quite different if I had.

Media inquiries should be directed to me at   Please be advised that I cannot and will not discuss the lawsuit beyond anything that is already a matter of public record.  I can, however discuss my experience with UBH on all other matters, and I very willing to do so.  I have a group of people who are ready, willing and able to speak to the media about their experiences, too.

Until next time……

UPDATE ON 3/25:   I have heard from a very reliable source that the Denton PD is already investigating the death.  I will post more updates as I receive information to share.  

Original Post from 3/24 follows:

Either someone is seriously screwing with me…or the problems at these hospitals are far worse than even I imagined.  Today someone posted a comment on my site reporting a death at Mayhill Hospital in Denton.


I’ve included a screen shot of the actual comment, but if you want to see it in its original form, click here.  

Naturally, I’ve sent this on to my attorneys.  Other people who follow the site who have lawsuits pending tell me they have sent it to their attorneys.  But…here’s the real question…. will it make any difference?  Will anyone actually DO anything?  Will the local paper do anything?  The Denton Record Chronicle has been contacted numerous times about this situation, by me and by others I know. They’ve never done a thing.

I’ve corresponded with Byron Harris, of WFAA in Dallas….. I gave him the name of every witness and contact I have.  He said none of them would return his calls.  They said he never contacted them.
Oh, and I’ve reported them to the almighty Joint Commission .   I put absolutely zero faith in that organization, and, you can read the why of that by clicking here. 

 I don’t know what to believe, other than there is so much indifference  about this situation that it may just not matter at all what has happened, or what will happen next…. but….. I’m not giving up just yet.  I have to have faith that what has happened to me, and, what has happened to other people–including the people who are gone and can no longer speak for themselves–will not be in vain.  It just can’t be.

“…doctor and entrepreneur Richard Kresch has announced he will launch his third company to acquire or start up short-stay mental-health facilities that take a different approach to treating acute mental problems. 

“Kresch’s last company, Ascend Health, grew to be the country’s largest private psychiatric hospital company before it was acquired last year by Universal Health Services for more than $500 million. He spoke with VentureWire about his newest company, US HealthVest, which has launched with $36 million from Polaris PartnersFidelity Biosciences and other investors.”
More here…..

My favorite quotes from this piece:

“Through our past work, we have developed a strong reputation for working closely with local communities to meet unmet needs by creating important and impactful patient-focused facilities.”

“Polaris Partners is excited to back Richard and his strong team again as they make important contributions in this area of great need.”


Goldman Blog

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Lawsuit

Here is our case, featured again on another blog:

Thanks to Mr. Goldman for a fair and unbiased analysis.  We appreciate you.

Zombie Law!

Posted: March 19, 2013 in Lawsuit

Thanks to the blogger at Zombie Law who posted this story, and for his/her good wishes:


Posted: November 9, 2012 in Fighting Back, Lawsuit, Who Am I?

So UBH and its parent company were sold this year, as expected.  For over $500 million, as I understand it.  Meanwhile…. they have left ME hanging.  They sued me for about $6 million they knew I didn’t have, and, now that their lawyer is pushing up daisies and they have $500 million in the bank…and their former investors like Brian Chee at Polaris Venture Capital have feathered their nests all the more….what’s left?

I’ll tell you what’s left…. the HOPE that new owners Universal Health Services, Inc., will clean up the atrocities that are UBH Denton and Mayhill Hospital.  I am optimistic about that, I have to be.  Why?   I can’t have gone through all this for nothing.  When I was waiting out the early days of the lawsuit, all I could say to myself was “I did what was right… I did what was right….”

And, I did.  I’ve saved a lot of people by going public with my story and I don’t regret it.  Here’s the thing I don’t get….

They say the world is full of frivolous lawsuits, right?  And my lawyers are simply amazing southern gentlemen who are truly wonderful and compassionate men, so please don’t think I’m complaining about what they charge, because they’ve been super gracious and wonderful to me and they are worth every penny they bill for…..

…but is it really fair that to date I’ve had to spend tens of thousands of dollars to sit around and wait for Richard Kresch, Atique Khan, and the now sold Ascend Health, to… or cut bait?  They apparently don’t have the desire to finish what they started.  I guess with $500 million in the bank Dr. Kresch is too busy thinking up his next big venture to worry about little old me anymore, especially since he’s no longer going to be impacted if UBH is shut down or loses its license.

And years ago they threatened to come after ME if I didn’t drop MY suit against them, alleging it would be frivolous.  <shaking my head>

So, for now, I have decided that I have to get back to work on my site.  Please send your stories and your questions to me at    I’m in this for the long haul…..


Posted: August 23, 2012 in Fighting Back, Lawsuit

As promised, I am not going to share all the details of the legal proceedings in my blog.  But, because some of you have continued to stay in touch, I will at least keep you abreast of happenings that are public record.

First of all, I love my legal team.  They’re wonderful men who represent me well.  They are true gentlemen and scholars.  If you have a bad impression of lawyers, let me just say you’ve probably never met anyone like these guys (because you’ve probably never been sued for $6 million-ish bucks!)  Let me just say working with a team like this makes a lawsuit a lot more pleasant than it would otherwise be.

Meanwhile, we’ve both filed rounds and rounds of papers and both sides have run up enormous legal bills that will only get bigger, I suspect.  And, that’s without any of us seeing a courtroom yet.   What a great use of resources in an economy like this one!   It’s sickening, really, to see the right to freedom of speech costing this much, but apparently that’s the trend these days.  Big business doesn’t like what you say?  They just SLAP you with a lawsuit.  Most folks cannot afford to defend themselves, so it silences them.  And, it can also bankrupt them, too.

I continue to caution all of you who may have stories to share about an Ascend Health facility to NOT put them in writing to me unless you want to risk being on the receiving end of a lawsuit, too.   I can, however, continue to refer you to an excellent attorney in Texas who will advise you of your rights, if you feel you’ve been mistreated by one of these hospitals.   Just e-mail me at and send me your phone number or just ask for the lawyer’s name.  She’s one of the good guys, and, I wish I had found her back when all this started.  I suspect I would not be in the mess I’m in now if I had.

Today I treasure my right to freedom of speech a little more than I used to as a result of all this.  I hope you treasure your’s too.  Just remember, sometimes it comes at a very high price.   Until next time….   I’ll shut up!